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  • Romania in Pictures

    Romania in Pictures

    Did You Know? Some Fast Facts from Romanian Tourism: The meaning of the word “Transylvania” is the land beyond the forest? The first fountain pen was invented by Craiova-born Petrache Poenaru Insulin was discovered by a Romanian physiologist

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  • Spending the Night in Dracula’s Castle?

    Spending the Night in Dracula’s Castle?

    Route Planning has proven to be fun and challenging. The challenging part has been figuring out things like which border crossings foreigners are allowed to enter and  which roads to take in the areas uncharted by Google Maps. The fun part has been anticipating the things we’ll do and see along the way Over the next few weeks leading up to the Mongol Rally, my teammate, Dave Bouskill of thePlanetD.com, and I will be describing […]

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