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  • Pumpkin Whoopie Pies #recipe #sundaysupper

    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies #recipe #sundaysupper

    The whoopie pie is not quite a cookie and not quite a cake. In fact, it seems to be the perfect marriage of the two. It is said to have been created by the Amish, it is the official state treat of Maine and there are even whoopee pie festivals. We’ve seen them often in our travels.

    So, we thought fall would be the ideal time to celebrate the whoopee pie, incorporating one of Autumn’s superstars, the pumpkin. Our pumpkin whoopee pies are sweet but not overpowering, they have a hint of spice and a cream cheese filling that has just a whisper of maple. Perfect for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

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  • Top 10 List: Tips to Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter

    Top 10 List: Tips to Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter

    We love Twitter Chats, after all we created one of our own ( #nuts ) just over 2 years ago! They’re fun, a great way to meet like-minded people and learn about a subject near and dear to you. One of favorite type of chats is the Food Chat. You can find a food chat on Twitter just about any day of the week which is why we created the Top 10 list: Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter. Let the countdown begin!

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  • Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” Gabriele Corcos #SundaySupper Gnocchi di Patate #Recipe

    Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” Gabriele Corcos #SundaySupper Gnocchi di Patate #Recipe

    When the #SundaySupper community decided to share recipes from celebrity chefs, we new exactly what to share! I have been a fan of cooking shows for years, since back in the day when I would have to wait for Saturday when public television would air a handful of chefs whipping up their specialties. Fast forward to 2012 and to my utter joy, 24/7 you’ll find cooking show after cooking show. One of my absolute favorites is “Extra Virgin” hosted by husband and wife Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar. They are absolutely charming, entertaining and they cook up one delicious dish after another on the Cooking Channel. With a very popular cooking show, a growing product line, fabulous website ‘Under the Tuscan Gun’, two beautiful daughters and travels that take this busy couple around the world, I asked Gabriele how it all began and what’s next.

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  • Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating)  #SundaySupper

    Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating) #SundaySupper

    Tailgating, we LOVE it! It’s all about food, fun and well there’s a football game involved! One of my favorite and simplest Tailgate feasts starts with grilled meat or fish. Everything from chicken wings to fish or kabobs.  But, the older I get the more concerned I am about eating healthier. So I spoke with Dr. Raul Serrano about healthier ways to tailgate and a good marinade for #SundaySupper. 

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  • From Pasta Primavera to a Pasta Bar with all the Fixin’s in under 30 minutes #SundaySupper

    From Pasta Primavera to a Pasta Bar with all the Fixin’s in under 30 minutes #SundaySupper

    So how does one get from making a quick Pasta Primivera to a Pasta Bar with all the Fixin’s in under 30 minutes? When initially faced with the #SundaySupper challenge to create a quick, easy and flavorful dinner in under 30 minutes I settled on making Pasta Primavera, but as often happens in our house, no two people like the same thing. With that said, I quickly shifted gears and decided to do a Pasta Bar. Everyone could create their own meal in a matter of minutes. It was such a hit I think it’s going to be a regular in our dinner rotations!

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  • Rouladen, comfort across the miles #SundaySupper #Recipe

    Rouladen, comfort across the miles #SundaySupper #Recipe

    Whenever I get ready for a MidLife Road Trip, I have a million and one things to do. One of the most important is to make sure my husband has everything he needs until I return. He works hard and has long days and always looks forward to coming home to dinner. So before I head out on the road, I make sure to stock the refrigerator with some of his favorite dishes. When we […]

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  • French Feta Cheese Appetizer #NationalCheeseDay #Recipe

    French Feta Cheese Appetizer #NationalCheeseDay #Recipe

    The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove just off the Pacific Coast Highway in the Historic District of the Crystal Cove State Park is a throwback to yesteryear. Smack dab on the beach, sand in your shoes,  the open air patio features breathtaking sunsets and fabulous food. The food is fantastic and you won’t find a better view of the Pacific Ocean,  Newport Coastline and Catalina Island anywhere!!  They shared with us their French Feta Appetizer recipe. […]

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