Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe

This Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe is just what you need to spice up your menu! I had the pleasure to dine at Timpanos Italian Chophouse in Tampa the other night. It was a great meal and I tasted just about everything on the menu from meatballs to mussels. One of my favorite dishes was the Shrimp Fra Diablo. Packed with flavor and a little kick, the Shrimp Fra Diablo was a personal favorite so I asked, and they gave me the recipe to share with you. Their recipe is for a single serving, but I would multiply by five (because that’s MY size single serving) …..

Quick and Easy Sweet Italian Sausage Recipe

Quick and easy can also be bold & flavorful as I found out when I whipped up a last minute supper, using Sweet Italian Sausage and other things I already had on hand. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the store. It could be too hot, to cold, raining, I have a blog post to write or I just simply feel like getting creative and envisioning myself on the set of Chopped.

The Beachcomber’s Spinach Truffle Mac #Recipe

The Beachcomber Cafe, vintage 50s-inspired beachy California cuisine with spectacular oceanside view. Yield – 1 Serving ½ oz – White Truffle Oil ½ oz – Black Truffle Shavings 1oz – Baby Spinach 4oz – Manufacturing Cream 2oz – Unsalted...

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