The Ultimate Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe #SandersonFarms

The Ultimate Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe #SandersonFarms

Being a foodie, I felt compelled to experiment at home with the ingredients that I thought was in the soup so I could make it for myself. After a few tries, I finally perfected it. In fact, I like my version a little better than El Ranchero’s (please don’t tell ‘em). Now it has become one of our go-to dishes for entertaining, watching football, and of course for anytime we’re feeling under the weather.

Gingered Carrot Orange Soup ~ Quick & Effortless

Bored and hungry for something different but too lazy to leave the house, I pulled out my trusted Vitamix Cookbook. The beauty of using the Vitamix is that it makes preparing healthy delicious food effortless. RECIPE 1. Saute carrots, onion and ginger in butter until...

Smokey Tomato Bisque

Another Great Recipe from Vicky Akins …. One of the best things about cold weather, is that it fosters our addiction to comfort food.  There’s nothing quite like retreating from the chilly weather, peeling off your frozen gloves, stomping the snow off your boots...

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