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  • Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr, a freelance writer, videographer and spokesperson with a focus on travel, food and social media who believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors.

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  • MidLife is only the Beginning …

    MidLife is only the Beginning …

    MidLife is only the Beginning … We have a saying that MidLife isn’t the beginning of the end but the beginning of the beginning! It’s the right time, the perfect time to try something new, see what we haven’t seen before, venture out of our comfort zone and meet new challenges. From jumping out of planes to rock climbing and reaching new heights, there’s no time like the present to do what you have always wanted to do! No one size […]

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  • How to stay “socially connected” while traveling

    How to stay “socially connected” while traveling

    How to stay “socially connected” while traveling By Kim Randall Staying “socially connected” while traveling may be a bit hard and challenging at times. There are many scenarios that could keep you from being connected and sharing with the Internet, but for the most part these are easily avoidable with some pre-planning. No 3G or Any G While Traveling You just snapped a picture or had a brilliant thought that you want to share on Facebook or Twitter (or many […]

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  • ‘Shake Things Up’ at The Women’s Dream Conference #Chicago

    ‘Shake Things Up’ at The Women’s Dream Conference #Chicago

    The Women’s Dream Conference on April 13, 2012 in the West Loop of Chicago is a series of engaging forums and interactive workshops focusing on Career & Social Media Development, Personal Confidence & Relationships and Healthy Mind & Body.  MidLife Road Trip’s Sandi McKenna will be joining 22 dynamic women speakers at the conference educating and enlightening business professionals, bloggers, aspiring career seekers and anyone wanting to ‘shake things up’ a bit.  Speakers will help attendees create a blueprint for […]

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  • Recipe for a tasty talk #FoodieChat

    Recipe for a tasty talk #FoodieChat

    Meet  Steve Green, President of NetUpNow, Inc. Social Media Marketing and PR Firm! Creator of the hashtag chat #Foodiechat every Monday at 8pm EST on Twitter.  He’s a Connector and Community Builder. What’s was your inspiration for starting Monday night’s #Foodiechat?  After spending years on my social media channels sharing about tips, and discoveries, it was time to create a community.  I am a natural Foodie, and on Monday, May 9, 2011, I began asking my Twitter friends Foodie questions […]

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  • Social Media Therapy

    Social Media Therapy

    straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required #NUTS Welcome to our Therapy Group! This Week’s Theme: *Social Media* straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required We believe the Midlife Road Trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis so each week we host a super fun online therapy session. You’re invited to join the conversation for some lively chat about a fun new topic each Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 EST. Just follow #NUTS on Twitter (or use this TweetGrid) and answer the […]

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  • MidLife Moments at Blog World  #bwela

    MidLife Moments at Blog World #bwela

    One of the highlights of being part of the .TV advocate team was interviewing some amazing people.  Jennifer Miner and Kara Williams two of the amazing The Vacation Gals team (we missed you Beth Blair) and their friend & travel blogger Sandra Foyt  were on the top of the list!  We followed their adventures on Twitter and their Blog for  quite some time so it was refreshing to sit down and ‘catch-up’ with them on camera. With boundless energy and enthusiasm […]

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  • Behind The Scenes ~ Blog World #BWELA

    Behind The Scenes ~ Blog World #BWELA

    A behind the scenes look as some of the fun and excitement we experienced at Blog World in Las Vegas!  

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  • Behind the Scenes at TECHmunch

    Behind the Scenes at TECHmunch

    The Midlife Road Trip met some of the top food bloggers and writers in the world at TECHmunch in Los Angeles.  

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  • Business Insider Klout

    Business Insider Klout

    Midlife Road Trip’s Sandi McKenna was recently interviewed by Shira Levine for a great article in Business Insider about social media Klout.

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  • Social Media – the Modern Day Time Capsule

    Social Media – the Modern Day Time Capsule

    Social media has really opened doors for me. Not only have I made many professional connections but it has introduced me to a plethora of new friends I would never otherwise have met. Facebook especially is like a modern day time capsule unearthing photos, friends and memories that have long since been buried. Over the past few years since opening a Facebook page I have reconnected with childhood friends that I haven’t talked to in decades. Yes, some in 40+ […]

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  • The Ultimate Road Trip

    The Ultimate Road Trip

    Why can’t I have a normal midlife crisis and just buy a convertible? I’m turning fifty this year wanted to do something epic to celebrate. So when approached with the opportunity to take the ultimate road trip, with three of the world’s foremost travel bloggers, Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD.com and Sherry Ott of OttsWorld.com,  I jumped at the chance! The Mongol Rally begins July 23 in London, England and ends several weeks later in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. That’s a […]

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  • Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    When they’re not out practicing Twitter jujitsu, social media managers craft companywide guidelines and also proselytize within the ranks. Some employees inevitably balk at the idea of tweeting about their jobs because it sounds suspiciously like more work. Others worry—often rightfully—about oversharing themselves into trouble. Last year, James Andrews, a vice-president at the PR firm Ketchum flew to Memphis to talk to employees at FedEx (FDX), one of the agency’s largest clients, about digital media. Shortly after arriving in Memphis, […]

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