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  • MidLife Moments at Blog World  #bwela

    MidLife Moments at Blog World #bwela

    One of the highlights of being part of the .TV advocate team was interviewing some amazing people.  Jennifer Miner and Kara Williams two of the amazing The Vacation Gals team (we missed you Beth Blair) and their friend & travel blogger Sandra Foyt  were on the top of the list!  We followed their adventures on Twitter and their Blog for  quite some time so it was refreshing to sit down and ‘catch-up’ with them on camera. […]

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  • Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    When they’re not out practicing Twitter jujitsu, social media managers craft companywide guidelines and also proselytize within the ranks. Some employees inevitably balk at the idea of tweeting about their jobs because it sounds suspiciously like more work. Others worry—often rightfully—about oversharing themselves into trouble. Last year, James Andrews, a vice-president at the PR firm Ketchum flew to Memphis to talk to employees at FedEx (FDX), one of the agency’s largest clients, about digital media. […]

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