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  • The Best of the Road

    The Best of the Road

        We feeling like the Pointer Sisters right now! We’re so excited… and we just can hide it because we have been selected to travel from coast to coast in Rand McNally and USA TODAY’s Best of the Road Rally!!   The Rally begins June 15 in Washington D.C and ends on July 16th in Seattle, Washington. We’ll be traveling to six of the best small towns in America to help Rand McNally and USA TODAY determine which is the “Best [...]

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  • Midlife Road Trip on Dancing With The Stars!

    Midlife Road Trip on Dancing With The Stars!

    Rick and Sandi learned some moves with the fabulous cast of Battle of the Dance in Anaheim, California. Are they ready for Dancing with the Stars? … you be the judge.

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  • Midlife Road Trip on Daytime TV

    Midlife Road Trip on Daytime TV

    This was our very first television appearance before a national audience! Daytime, with hosts Cyndi Edwards and Jamie Jacobs, airs in 115 markets nationwide.

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  • Interview with the “Godfather of Reality TV”  Mark Burnett

    Interview with the “Godfather of Reality TV” Mark Burnett

    On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the Godfather of Reality television, Mark Burnett! We learned what inspires a genius like Mark and of course, we had to ask what was on his bucket list. Mark shared about his latest project,  Sarah Palin’s Alaska, as well as his thoughts on social media and the web.  

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  • Behind the Scenes ~ NASA TweetUp

    Behind the Scenes ~ NASA TweetUp

    A fun, behind the scenes look at the NASA tweetup before the space shuttle Discovery’s last mission, STS-133.  Want to know what an astronaut has on his bucket list? Watch the video!  

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  • Great Day San Antonio

    Great Day San Antonio

    While in San Antonio filming another episode of Midlife Road Trip, our wonderful friends at KENS5 invited us to be guest on their morning show, Great Day SA. Here’s the video…

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  • Boob Tube Buffs

    Boob Tube Buffs

    Welcome to our Therapy Group! This Week’s Theme: *Boob Tube Buffs* straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required

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  • All Shook Up

    All Shook Up

    For months I’ve been over-the-top excited about participating in this summer’s Mongol Rally with some of the world’s foremost travel writers. I’ve described the Mongol Rally as the “Ultimate Road Trip”. We’ll be traveling 9000 miles, across ⅓ of he globe, over two continents, and 15 countries! What an amazing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, eat some weird foods, communicate with people who don’t speak english (especially Southern english) and see the world!

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  • Blog Talk Radio

    Blog Talk Radio

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Midlife Road Trip on the Best People We Know Show with host Deb Scott. The perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – The MidLife Roadtrip! It’s the firm belief of Sandi and Rick that a road trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. They are all about encouraging people to live their dreams (at least the good ones). Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as meeting someTwitter friends in [...]

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  • Training for the Mongol Rally

    Training for the Mongol Rally

    Midlife Road Trip recently attended ZestFest in Irving, Texas, where I entered an eXtreme lolly licking contest. This particular lolly-pop was made from Ghost Chilies – the hottest pepper on the planet. The Ghost Chile’s heat factor measures 1.8 million Scoville units compared to a Jalapeno at just 6,000 units or a Habanero at a mere 300,000 units. That sucker was HOT! I was going against some seasoned pepper-licking pros and knew that I didn’t realistically have a chance of [...]

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  • Hospitals and Road Trips

    Hospitals and Road Trips

    I had intended to write about my training regimen for the upcoming Mongol Rally,  But an unexpected bout of pancreatitis landed me in the hospital. Being in the hospital is not all bad. Not only did I receive some of the best medical care in the world, I got to legally experience some incredible hallucinogenic pain killers AND I lost 7 pounds in 7 days without exercising!!  While I’m not gonna miss the jello,  I admit that I was beginning [...]

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  • The Ultimate Road Trip

    The Ultimate Road Trip

    Why can’t I have a normal midlife crisis and just buy a convertible? I’m turning fifty this year wanted to do something epic to celebrate. So when approached with the opportunity to take the ultimate road trip, with three of the world’s foremost travel bloggers, Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD.com and Sherry Ott of OttsWorld.com,  I jumped at the chance! The Mongol Rally begins July 23 in London, England and ends several weeks later in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. That’s a [...]

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  • Turkey Sous Vide

    Turkey Sous Vide

    Dr. Terry Simpson, our Midlife Health Expert and host of Your Doctor’s Orders shows us how to prepare Turkey Sous Vide. Visit http://yourdoctorsorders.com/ to see the full length video and for more of Dr. Simpson’s informative and entertaining wisdom.

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