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  • 10 Bucket List Sandwiches

    10 Bucket List Sandwiches

    It’s no secret that we love to eat. In our travels, we’ve been blessed to experience some of the best food on the planet. We’ve compiled a list of 10 sandwiches that should be a part of your culinary Bucket List! We have pictures of some of these sandwiches. Others were devoured before we took out our cameras, still they made a good enough impression to be included in this list. 1. Muffuletta from Central […]

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  • The Longest Zip Line Canopy Tour in the World!

    The Longest Zip Line Canopy Tour in the World!

    A road trip is about much more than a destination. It’s about the overall journey –  where you go, what you experience, and how you get there. Toyota recently hosted me on a couple of incredible road trips where I got to experience fly fishing, off-roading, trap shooting and the longest zip line canopy tour in the WORLD! Better yet, I was provided with a 2017 Toyota Tacoma XSP to make the trips. Zip Lining […]

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  • Happy Holidays! Magellan MiVue 420 DashCam #Giveaway

    Happy Holidays! Magellan MiVue 420 DashCam #Giveaway

    What do you give the road tripper that has everything? The Magellan MiVue 420 DashCam of course! Capture beautiful scenery, wildlife crossing, and everything in between all on a dash cam that could fit in the palm of you hand (or Starbucks cup.) We especially love the social media feature to capture those “Cranky Carpooler” moments where you can quickly share to YouTube & Facebook. It’s small enough to travel with you and use in your […]

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  • Behind the Scenes in Talladega  #NASCAR

    Behind the Scenes in Talladega #NASCAR

    We always love tagging along with others when they get to fulfill their Bucket List dreams. Here’s a fun behind the scenes look at the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure at the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama with our friend Max Akins, where we drove real NASCAR race-cars at speeds of 174mph!

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  • Unforgettable Montana: The Road to Paradise #PictureMontana

    Unforgettable Montana: The Road to Paradise #PictureMontana

    Exploring the majesty and majesty of Montana

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  • Road Trip to Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market

    Road Trip to Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market

    My wife, Denise and I are huge fans of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. The show features a couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, from Waco, Texas who specialize in turning problem homes into showcase homes – inside and out. The couple own Magnolia Market, which is frequently featured in the show as the go to place for finding decor for the fixer upper homes.  When we went to visit our oldest daughter, Sherri, and her husband in […]

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  • Essential Car Tips For Traveling On The Road

    Essential Car Tips For Traveling On The Road

    For many people, there’s nothing better than heading to the open road behind your own vehicle, or a rental. This offers the ultimate freedom, allowing you to go where you want, when you want and ultimately explore as much as possible. Of course, it also brings its own factors. Before setting off, there is plenty you should first consider. Here are a few vital tips for traveling on the road with your car. Adapt To […]

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  • Pawn Stars ……

    Pawn Stars ……

    No road trip is complete without a shopping excursion. So on a recent trip to Florida’s east coast, we became Pawn Stars at this unique boutique.

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  • Best Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles for Road Trips

    Best Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles for Road Trips

    Midlife Road Trip was contacted by Men’s Journal for advice in selecting the best cars, trucks, and motorcycles for road trips. See if you agree with our selections. Click the image below to read the article.

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  • Planning a Portable Party #VZWBuzz

    Planning a Portable Party #VZWBuzz

    Until Verizon Wireless sent me an Ultimate Ears Boom bluetooth speaker for review, I never really saw much use for owning one. Though I have an extensive collection of MP3’s on my smartphone, I would only listen using earbuds to spare other passengers from my eclectic taste in music which ranges anywhere from Aerosmith to Frank Sinatra to Willie Nelson. I have a killer stereo system at home and didn’t really see any benefit in […]

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