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  • Clucking Awesome Chicken Man Music Video

    Clucking Awesome Chicken Man Music Video

    We at Midlife Road Trip believe in pursuing our passions. I have always been passionate about travel. But over the last few months in working on various projects for Sanderson Farms, I have developed a serious passion for cooking and eating chicken. As a result, I’ve been inspired to proudly proclaim that “I’m a Chicken Man!” While I’m not an especially good singer, there’s no denying I loves me some chicken!  I hope this music video will inspire […]

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  • Blog Talk Radio

    Blog Talk Radio

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Midlife Road Trip on the Best People We Know Show with host Deb Scott. The perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – The MidLife Roadtrip! It’s the firm belief of Sandi and Rick that a road trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. They are all about encouraging people to live their dreams (at least the good ones). Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple […]

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