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  • Driving Miss Direction  #NUTS

    Driving Miss Direction #NUTS

    This week’s Therapy Theme is Driving Miss Direction. Our subject is based on LONG road trips. Where would you go, what makes you #NUTS, how do you cope with detours, road rage, a faulty GPS, or irritating travel companions! ┬áSpecial thanks to Vicky Atkins for submitting this fun topic and questions. straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required

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  • Meets, Greets and Eats #NUTS Recap!

    Meets, Greets and Eats #NUTS Recap!

    Special thanks to @SonomaWineGuy, @Banff_Squirrel, and @ThitiaOfficial for being Guests Therapists for the Fastest Hour on Twitter! NUTS Session 28 – Meets, Greets and Eats Q1. The Twitter/Facebook friends you’d ┬ámost like to travel with. Why? #nuts @justinhamlin: Definitely @beforeiam35 @teamcocktail @elleswim &@HeckticTravels – Just so we could all drink together @VitraSin: @abfury & @thurayia — we are the 3 bachelorettes! @robinwsmith: @TravelDesigned – she knows all of the good places in Mexico and I […]

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  • Meets, Greets & Eats …#NUTS

    Meets, Greets & Eats …#NUTS

    Because summer it the perfect time to get out, meet new friends and eat some great food, we decided upon “Meets, Greets, and Eats” as the theme of week‘s Not-so Usual Therapy Session. Not only should this prove to be a fun topic, it also demonstrates our cleverness in using rhyming words:) Join this week’s Guest Therapists @SonomaWineGuy, @Banff_Squirrel, and @ThitiaOfficialfor the Fastest Hour on Twitter – THIS TUESDAY from 3:30-4:30 EST. (straight-jacket optional, sense […]

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