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  • Road Trippin’ #nuts recap

    Road Trippin’ #nuts recap

    Q1. What would your ‘ultimate’ road trip look like#NUTS @ChrystalClear_Going from St.Petersburg Russia through eastern Europe, through the Middle East, and from Cairo down to Cape town @avgjomag The ultimate ‘road trip’ would look like “National Lampoon’s Vacation’ – including the dead relative tied to the top of the car @BespokeTravels  Would love to retrace the steps of the silk road traders!

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  • #Nuts Session 67 Recap … Meeting Madness

    #Nuts Session 67 Recap … Meeting Madness

    This week’s therapy session theme is Meeting Madness! We explored, explained and exploited everything to do with meetings, conferences and trade shows. As always, straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required Q1. Best/Worst meeting you’ve ever attended #NUTS @MalloryOnTravel A1 I prefer my board meetings on the slopes better still in the bars apres-ski style @DTNEtiquette A1 Best meeting – on a beach in Barbados! @_kimrandall A1. Hard to name just one of either, but the […]

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