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  • Music to My Ears

    Music to My Ears

    As time for the Mongol Rally draws near, I’m getting really jazzed. I’m especially excited that the rally begins in the England. I grew up a huge Beatles fan and can’t wait for my first visit to the UK. I’m elated about the possibility of meeting a lovely meter maid named Rita while visiting Abbey Road, Strawberry Fields, and Liverpool.  

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  • Hospitals and Road Trips

    Hospitals and Road Trips

    I had intended to write about my training regimen for the upcoming Mongol Rally,  But an unexpected bout of pancreatitis landed me in the hospital. Being in the hospital is not all bad. Not only did I receive some of the best medical care in the world, I got to legally experience some incredible hallucinogenic pain killers AND I lost 7 pounds in 7 days without exercising!!  While I’m not gonna miss the jello,  I […]

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