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  • The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    Who knew making the Ultimate Party Appetizer could be so simple yet flavorful. Every once in awhile you find a brand that captures your attention(and taste buds) and it becomes a staple in your kitchen. That was certainly the case with Intensity Academy. Their award winning marinades, chups and hot sauces are regulars in the MidLife Road Trip pantry.

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  • Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating)  #SundaySupper

    Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating) #SundaySupper

    Tailgating, we LOVE it! It’s all about food, fun and well there’s a football game involved! One of my favorite and simplest Tailgate feasts starts with grilled meat or fish. Everything from chicken wings to fish or kabobs.  But, the older I get the more concerned I am about eating healthier. So I spoke with Dr. Raul Serrano about healthier ways to tailgate and a good marinade for #SundaySupper. 

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