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  • Times Square Bucket List

    Times Square Bucket List

    We met some interesting people in Times Square in New York City and we got some pretty interesting answers to the question, “What’s on your Bucket List?” Here’s our Bucket List. Leave a comment and let us know what’s on yours.   

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  • All Shook Up

    All Shook Up

    For months I’ve been over-the-top excited about participating in this summer’s Mongol Rally with some of the world’s foremost travel writers. I’ve described the Mongol Rally as the “Ultimate Road Trip”. We’ll be traveling 9000 miles, across ⅓ of he globe, over two continents, and 15 countries! What an amazing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, eat some weird foods, communicate with people who don’t speak english (especially Southern english) and see the […]

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