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  • The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    Who knew making the Ultimate Party Appetizer could be so simple yet flavorful. Every once in awhile you find a brand that captures your attention(and taste buds) and it becomes a staple in your kitchen. That was certainly the case with Intensity Academy. Their award winning marinades, chups and hot sauces are regulars in the MidLife Road Trip pantry.

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  • Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun at Zest Fest!

    Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun at Zest Fest!

    Midlife Road Trip experiences the fine line between pleasure and pain at Zest Fest in Irving, Texas where Rick enters Intensity Academy’s “Hot Lolly Lick-a-thon”, a tongue torturing contest involving the hottest lollipop on the planet. Can you say “OUCH!” ?  

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  • Zest Fest

    Zest Fest

    Rick is headed to Texas for ZestFest 2011 and he’ll be entering Intensity Academy’s eXtreme Lolly lick-a-thon contest where he must consume a lolly pop made from the hottest peppers in the world – ghost chilies. Do you have any suggestions on how to beat the heat?

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