Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” Gabriele Corcos #SundaySupper Gnocchi di Patate #Recipe

When the #SundaySupper community decided to share recipes from celebrity chefs, we new exactly what to share! I have been a fan of cooking shows for years, since back in the day when I would have to wait for Saturday when public television would air a handful of chefs whipping up their specialties. Fast forward to 2012 and to my utter joy, 24/7 you’ll find cooking show after cooking show. One of my absolute favorites is “Extra Virgin” hosted by husband and wife Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar. They are absolutely charming, entertaining and they cook up one delicious dish after another on the Cooking Channel. With a very popular cooking show, a growing product line, fabulous website ‘Under the Tuscan Gun’, two beautiful daughters and travels that take this busy couple around the world, I asked Gabriele how it all began and what’s next.

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