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  • Driving Miss Direction  #NUTS

    Driving Miss Direction #NUTS

    This week’s Therapy Theme is Driving Miss Direction. Our subject is based on LONG road trips. Where would you go, what makes you #NUTS, how do you cope with detours, road rage, a faulty GPS, or irritating travel companions! ┬áSpecial thanks to Vicky Atkins for submitting this fun topic and questions. straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required

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  • CAPTION THIS Royal Wedding Photo of the Day

    CAPTION THIS Royal Wedding Photo of the Day

    Of all the photographs taken at last year’s Royal Wedding, this one seemed to generate the most buzz on the internet. We came across this picture on Twitter during a wedding themed session of #FriFotos. We tracked it down and it seems to have come from TMZ. We need you to caption this Royal Wedding photo of the day!

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  • Momsense ~ “The Mom Song”

    Momsense ~ “The Mom Song”

    For Mother’s Day, we thought we’d share the hilarious┬ámom song, Momsense, by author/comedian Anita Renfroe. Enjoy!!! Rick with Anita Renfroe, author of “Momsense”

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