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  • Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Dip #SandersonFarms ad

    Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Dip #SandersonFarms ad

    After fattening myself up over the holidays, one of my perennial new year’s resolutions is to eat a healthier diet. I usually do pretty well sticking to it until the Super Bowl rolls around. I inevitably find myself at a party, watching the game, and succumbing to peer pressure by indulging in pizza, beer, whoopee pies, and football shaped Cocoa Krispies treats. For the last several months I have been on a self imposed low-carb […]

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  • This Wine is the Cat’s Meow

    This Wine is the Cat’s Meow

    Lately I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet. I remain a carnivore, but I’m including more chicken and fish in my diet and and less red meat. I generally prefer red wine, and while there are many reds that pair very well with foul and seafood, my new diet is giving me a good excuse to experience more whites. I found a simple recipe for pan seared scallops on the Food Network’s website and […]

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  • Summer Travel Doesn’t have to be a Vacation from your Diet! #BestOfTheRoad

    Summer Travel Doesn’t have to be a Vacation from your Diet! #BestOfTheRoad

    The competition is fierce and as the oldest team in the mix, we decided we better start “training” for the Best of the Road rally.  So we turned to our good friend, comedian  & fitness expert Tim Wilkins to find out what we should eat while ‘on the road’ this summer…… Summer travel doesn’t have to be a vacation from your diet!  By Tim Wilkins, Fitness Comedian and author of “Laugh Your Abs Off” The […]

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  • Shaping Up!

    Shaping Up!

    This week’s Not-so Usual Therapy Session (#NUTS) is SHAPING UP to be super fun. Welcome to our Therapy Group! This Week’s Theme: *Shaping Up* straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required   We believe the Midlife Road Trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis so each week we host a super fun online therapy session. You’re invited to join the conversation for some lively chat about a fun new topic each Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 […]

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  • Fly the friendly pies …..

    Fly the friendly pies …..

    It seems the more we’re on the road, the tighter our clothes are fitting and the smaller the airplane seats are getting. A cupcake here, a key lime pie there. It all adds up.

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