Anaheim’s “The Catch” Ceviche done right! #Recipe

If you’re looking for Cerviche done right, look no further than Orange County where Anaheim’s The Catch has some of the best.

Some of our favorite finds are unique foodie experiences. We found what turned out to be one of the biggest surprises at The Catch in downtown Anaheim. Just a stone’s throw from Angels stadium and the Anaheim Grove, you can’t turn your head without seeing a big screen TV showing any sport imaginable.

But hang on to your baseball glove, this ain’t your daddy’s sports bar. We went there expecting burgers and hot wings but were in for a shock. According to their history they’ve been serving some of the finest meats and seafood for over 30 years. We checked out the menu and saw treasures like Miso marinated Chilean Sea Bass, Lobster Diablo and their Master Chef Prime 8 ounce sirloin. The Chef is amazing, the servers are experts as helping you figure out what you’re craving and everyone there treats you like family.

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