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  • 10 Bucket List Sandwiches

    10 Bucket List Sandwiches

    It’s no secret that we love to eat. In our travels, we’ve been blessed to experience some of the best food on the planet. We’ve compiled a list of 10 sandwiches that should be a part of your culinary Bucket List! We have pictures of some of these sandwiches. Others were devoured before we took out our cameras, still they made a good enough impression to be included in this list. 1. Muffuletta from Central […]

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  • College Football Game Day

    College Football Game Day

    Here’s a behind the scenes look at our college football game day adventures in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Be sure and watch the out-takes at the end of the video:)

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  • VIDEO: Tailgating Tips

    VIDEO: Tailgating Tips

    Tailgating is one of our favorite fall activities. There’s something about meandering through large enthusiastic crowds with the smell of charcoal, lighter fluid, and grilled meats permeating the air that guarantees a good time. Even if you’re not particularly a fan of football, the experience is worthy of any bucket list.

    We met some incredible people, tasted some amazing food, and picked up some great tailgating tips before a college football game at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

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  • America’s Most Famous BBQ Joint

    America’s Most Famous BBQ Joint

    We headed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to check out Dreamland BBQ – one of the most famous BBQ joints in the whole world! What’s you favorite BBQ joint?

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  • Tailgating Etiquette

    Tailgating Etiquette

    Tailgating Etiquette As we pack and get ready to leave for the University of Alabama’s Football Season Opening Game and Tailgating Extravaganza it dawned on us, “Is there such thing as tailgating protocol?” So we asked Etiquette Expert, Patricia Rossi what to do … 1-Make a list and check it twice …..  Prepare the day before2-Arrive 3 to 4 hours before the event …… scout out your spot & to set up etc 3-It’s just one […]

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