Travel Exercise Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip #BestOfTheRoad

Travel Exercise Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip #BestOfTheRoad

They’ll be a lot of miles for us to cover in four weeks on Rand McNally and USA Today’s Best of the Road rally. Lot’s of sitting and driving in between visiting the amazing small towns on our route. The older you get the harder it is to stay in shape and stay competitive. That’s why we consulted with our good friend and fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf who gave us exercise travel tips we can do on the road to stay fit.

Dare to Dream with Andrea Metcalf author of Naked Fitness

Dare to Dream! with Andrea Metcalf author of Naked Fitness. hen Andrea Metcalf, Chicago’s premiere celebrity fitness expert, journalist and author of “Naked Fitness” invites you to speak at her conference along with some of the most influential & successful women in social media, you don’t ask questions; you just go. Midlife Road Trip’s own Sandi McKenna joined a virtual ‘Who’s who” of panelists that featured advice on everything from “Owning it” to “Blogging notes.” Organized with the goal of serving as an inspiration for business professionals, bloggers, aspiring career seekers and those who needed a rejuvenating change to help create their dream life, the messages began with similar themes.

MidLife Road Trip Comes Clean

As passionate as we are about food, travel and adventure, 3M is equally as passionate about water quality. When we were in Chicago for the launch of Andrea Metcalf‘s book Naked Fitness, we were introduced to the magic of 3M! The 3M Full Flow Drinking water...

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