One of the perks of blogging is that brands are constantly offering to send us stuff (products) to review. We tell brands that we don’t do product reviews, but if they want to send something and we love it then we’ll be happy to share it with our audience. Conversely, if they send something and we don’t love it, we won’t waste our time or yours by mentioning it.

Over the last few months, we’ve received a LOT of products and decided to share the few things that we loved enough that we would still purchase them if they weren’t given to us.


Several years ago I purchased a Tenba camera bag large enough to carry my 17” Macbook Pro and all of my camera gear I take it with me on most trips. Tenba recently sent me a smaller GoPro camera bag that turned out to be a back saver for all the hiking I did in the Galapagos Islands. The bag was small, yet still able to hold my DSLR, a zoom lens, my two GoPros, water bottles, sunscreen, tripod and accessories.

D3 - James Bay

House of Jerky

Anybody who follows our adventures knows that I consider jerky to be the ultimate road trip food because it’s not messy, it’s a great source of protein, and it is delicious. My favorite jerky comes from House of Jerky. They make jerky from a wide variety of a wide variety of critters including  beef, turkey, elk, buffalo, elk, wild boar, venison, alligator, KANGAROO and more! Additionally  their jerky is available in a range of flavors including natural, hot, black pepper, sweet & spicy, and teriyaki.


Intensity Academy

I have been a fan of Intensity Academy for years. As a self-proclaimed Hot Sauce Sommelier, I love heat. I like it when I bite into something and it bites me back. I was recently sent a bottle of Intensity Academy’s newest product – Must Thai Hot Mustard. I had just returned from a trip when it arrived. Anxious to try it and not having any real food in the house, I pour it over a bowl of popcorn. It was incredible – something I would definitely do again. I have since had it on a corned beef brisket and I’ve used it as a salad dressing. I can see myself drinking hot mustard shots with what is now officially my favorite mustard.


Verizon Wireless

As Lifestyle Bloggers for Verizon Wireless, we get to try out some pretty cool technological gear.   Sandi and I received some fitness gadgets to help keep our midlife butts in better shape. I’m using a Garmin Vivofit that tracks distance walked, calories burned and can even monitor my sleep. But what I love most about it is that it lets me know when I’ve been sedentary for too long, as is often the case when I’m editing video or writing.  Sandi loves that her Fitbit can monitor her heart rate without the need for uncomfortable chest straps. Her Fitbit also confirmed that she is a bad sleeper so she vows to get more practice so she can get better:)


In the future, rather than dedicate a blog post to more products, we’ll simply add them to our “Stuff We Love” store (which now appears as a link on the menu bar above) and/or mention them in our newsletter, as they come along.  Speaking of our newsletter, you can sign up here! Each newsletter will recap our latest adventures and share recommendations for what to see, do and eat in the various stops in our journeys.

What are some of the products you love?

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