We drove 7200 miles across the U.S. on our last trip for Rand McNally and USA Today‘s Best of the Road rally. It’s really hard to prepare for a trip of that

magnitude. There were times we wished we had packed things we didn’t and other times we wish we would have left other things behind.  There were a few things that were stand-outs on this last trip and we thought we would share them with you.

1) Power Bar 4200 Travel Charger  When you’re on the road for sometimes 10 – 15 hours a day, power comes at a premium, especially when you’re editing inthecar. Enter the Power Bar 4200. It’s compact, stylish and it has over twice the power of a smart phone. This travel battery pack is perfect for anyone who needs mobile power at their fingertips. It comes with a USB output socket for compatibility with any device that is charged from a USB port it will typically charge a cell phone 4x; smart phone 2x; iPod 2x. WE LOVE IT!! 

2) House of Jerky  Rick would have fainted dead away on more than one occasion if it wasn’t for his House of Jerky stash.  Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Kangaroo and Turkey Jerky were staples in his daily jerky buffet. The good news is House of Jerky® products are always made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added and the flavor comes from their special seasoning and marinating process.

3) Car Lashes  I know, you’re thinking how in the world couldCar Eyelashes enhance a road trip, but they did. Realizing early on that we would be stuck in the confines of 4 doors for 4 weeks, we decided to get a little creative and create a car with a personality. We named the Honda CR-V we used Ruby. We decided to jazz her up, give her a ‘look’ so we researched Car Lashes online and found CarLashes.com. What happened next, even we didn’t anticipate. Ruby, her lashes and diamond eyeliner were an absolute hit wherever we went. As Rick & I faded into the background, Ruby took center stage. People wanted pictures with her, they would stop us in traffic just for a photo op. She even had a spa day in Enterprise, AL. And, they lasted through a hail storm, triple digit heat waves, a tropical storm and 7200 miles through hill and dale.

4) A sense of humor. Weather, close quarters, long hours and exhaustion can wreak havoc ones nerves. We never had a cross or ugly word throughout theentire trip and I attribute that to our ability to look at the funny side of life. We laughed a lot. I fell down in the road at the Florida/Alabama state line. I dusted myself off and we laughed hysterically. When I got grumpy from lack of coffee, we laughed and I drank tea. When we got totally punchy from lack of sleep we laughed. And, if all else failed we listened to Polka Music.










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