Social media has really opened doors for me. Not only have I made many professional connections but it has introduced me to a plethora of new friends I would never otherwise have met.

Facebook especially is like a modern day time capsule unearthing photos, friends and memories that have long since been buried. Over the past few years since opening a Facebook page I have reconnected with childhood friends that I haven’t talked to in decades. Yes, some in 40+ years! Sharing the good old stories and memories has been incredible. Like when I mentioned to my elementary school friend & neighbor, Don DiFiore that I didn’t remember him being this funny as a kid, he replied “I was more mature then.”So glad we reconnected, he still cracks me up!

What I had forgotten my friends remember and vice a versa, filling in the blanks of our childhood. To see them again in real life has been added to my  ever growing Bucket List. Scattered across the country now, new opportunity to see old friends and visit new places.

On our recent MidLife Road Trip to California I had the pleasure to reconnect with my best friend from Half Hollow Hills High School, Sandi Friedland, who I had not seen in 35+ years.  Honestly, she was exactly as I had remembered her. Exactly!! As we looked at photos and reminisced, filling in each others blanks it was if time had stood still. We were right back where we left off.

We have since vowed not to let 35 years pass again (ha-ha) and to see each other with more frequency. She shares my love of travel and I her passion for animals. I look forward to creating new memories with my old friend …..

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