Q1. How do you keep the family entertained when the power goes out? #NUTS
@Inga_Ros . By telling ghost stories. I might have to start soon. The lights are flickering here in #Iceland.
@CruiseBuzz My #family freaks when the power goes out. We gasp, worry about the fish and then scramble to find the flash light.
@MarySarahMusic I sing and pay guitar !!
@St_Acupuncture Light some candles and play board games. Sometimes its nice to not have all the electronic distractions
@jenn_seeley by building a campfire in the living room! Telling ghost stories and huddling close (it gets COLD up here in the winter)
@goodtravellife Play hide and seek!
@solepurposebks “What If” games…current fav is “what is we were the last people on earth?” After that, then verbal word games
@flyingwithfish (I tell the kids to peddle faster till the modem goes back on)
@L_e_a_h Usually we’re praying in the closet/bathtub because a hurricane is coming. About the only time the power goes out in Houston

Q2. What’s your favorite winter activity? #NUTS
@ZipSetRachel Skiing, and Apres Ski
@MiraCristine ice skating & snow tubing
@Route195: Golfing. I live in Phoenix. 😉
@Chimeratravel I went snow-shoeing for the first time this winter. I liked it. Great scenery, and way less snow down my pants than when boarding.
@justatraveler Getting away from Midwest to the warm #Caribbean
@WeekendInParis I go to Paris every winter so I guess I’d say, shopping, drinking Bordeaux, eating chocolate eclairs.
@jbranigan: I like to take long walks while snowing – so quiet, big fluffy flakes, so light outside
@CulinaLA : Does eating count?

Q3. Fondest snow day memory as a kid?#NUTS
@TravelProducer Watching the snow fall from my bedroom window during the Blizzard of ’78 in Indiana
@NancyDonnelly Snowshoeing to our family cottage by the frozen lake, hot chocolate, and hot-dogs boiled in thawed snow!
@travel_version Watching people slip and fall
@NewYorkHabitat NYC blizzard of 94′ . Snow angels and igloos were made
@BoomerangHotels Since I am born and raise in Florida I am going to have say there isn’t one. Hurricane days…those are a different story!
@susanborst Fond snow day memory: Any time the radio (!) announcer would list off schools alphabetically and mine was called! JOY!
@beforeiam35 running home after school to get the snow racer. ~3 miles home. came home exhausted, but didn’t care. spent the night riding!
@NationalPro Jumping in HUGE snow piles! Always the last one to come inside
@missmelisss They were pretty rare but occasionally we’d get to spend all day sledding down my steep street
@FSLosAngeles Throwing on our heaviest jacket, grabbing a blanket and heading to the beach! This is L.A. after all

Q4. What’s your favorite cold weather meal? #NUTS
@dancinggirlie fish and chips in paper outside on the beach wrapped up in loads of layers 🙂 uk stylee!!!
@thetravelfool Beef Stew, Jalepeno Corn Bread and Whiskey
@kookabar Burger and Fries. I have no idea why. Teehee!
@princessgeeta a giant bowl of hot soup with warm, homemade French bread usually does the trick!
@PoshPorts Grilled cheese and tomato soup 🙂
@VickyAkins: A freshly baked baguette with some hearty beef stew. Yummy
@a_loquita my famous chicken tortilla soup SLURP
@cheriecity A big roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by some kind of heavy pudding. Or enchiladas!

Q5. Favorite winter festival? Where? #NUTS
@eurapart: Brussels Winter Wondershttp://t.co/ilLnGGuW
@NancyDonnelly Village sur Glace winter festival, Roberval, Quebec http://t.co/gabVjeVT
@NewYorkHabitat Festival of the drunk college students. Not our favorite festival but it seems to happen every winter break
@BeachmereInn Quebec Winter Carnival – but only with hand warmers! http://t.co/wfM0jRNz
@HTinspires Winterlude in Ottawa. Ice sculptures, skating… Beaver Tails are the best!
@AuthenticCoast Nova Scotia Icewine Festivalhttp://t.co/7VbrPyZE
@travel_version The winter “Carnaval” in Quebec City! So fun
@FlyingTalk Snowboarding US Open at Stratton Mountain, VT! I raced th…http://t.co/h3xGst25

Q6. Your cocktail of choice for a chilly night is..? #NUTS
@TravelBlggr Was Bailey’s and Coffee. Now it’s Amarula Hot Chocolate.
@McMedia : Hot Cocoa with a Brandy Chaser
@tastythursdays homemade peppermint mochahttp://t.co/iS3Nu7xK
@Banff_Squirrel Sortilege maple whiskey! So good you can put it on pancakes
@AustinKVS Coffee and Sanger’s Rum Cream with whipped cream on top (drool)
@BroomsRUs Hot coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream
@LovelyLu Coffee with a shot of amaretto
@thomaswingham: Hot chocolate with any of the following – Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Amaretto, Vanilla Vodka, Cognac

Q7. Fondest memory of a winter vacation? #NUTS
@ShannonRenee . Fondest memory of a winter vacation? #NUTS” [my brother’s wedding in Jamaica…or were you looking for something cold?]
@flyingwithfish every February as a kid, JFK-FLL, usually on @Delta, sometimes EA or NA, to see Grandma!
@Michael_Ludwig 5 1/2 weeks in Israel during sophomore year of HS “
@MalloryOnTravel First one skiing in Leysin Switzerland was also my first trip abroad
@MusicandMarkets Whole family to MD. B & B with wood-fired hot tub outside, snow falling
@ViewOnTravel The beach in Miami in January
@fdumenci Christmas train through the Canadian Rockies. Breathtaking
@TheHostelLife this winter I saw snow for the first time in my life. Had to drive to the top of a mountain and it wasn’t sticking but it was snow!

Q8. What I love/hate about winter is…?#NUTS
@MamaRitaMary I love the beauty of the fresh snow on the trees and the peacefulness of a new snow fall!
@RoamingBoomers That we live in #Arizona
@HotelPRGuy I love winter, fave season, period!
@missmelisss I love that winter ends eventually. I HATE being cold and shoveling/driving in snow.
@bjohnsonCTA I hate the cold, and constricting clothing, and crazy drivers… etc etc
@tracycopy LOVE big sweaters (they hide so many sins). HATE the cold weather!
@AnatheaT LOVE: big snowflakes, tobogganing with my kids HATE: everything else
@foodieintl Hate the bitter cold. Love the skiing, snow, fireplaces, hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets

Q9. Favorite winter themed movie #NUTS
@despjour Love actually & Bridget Jones
@justinhamlin there are only 2 correct answers here, Die Hard and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
@Route195 . Elf!.. One of Will Ferrell’s most unappreciated works. I think it’s hysterical.
@Travelbloggr I’m a sucker for Christmas movies. My fav’s: The Holiday, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, Scrooged
@ZipSetAndrea The Shining.
@ilivetotravel Alive, abt the Uruguayan team whose plane crashed in the Andes
@GeneralTours Does the Nightmare before Christmas count as “winter-themed”? There’s snow, and Christmas-y stuff.
@santafetraveler My favorite somewhat winter-themed movie is the Crosby/Astaire classic, Holiday Inn.
@SugarBeach_CR Groundhog Day!

Q10. What’s the best thing you’ve ever built/made out of snow? #NUTS
@theantijared I once built an ice cube. Like the rapper Ice Cube
@TheTrvlPrincess. Its a toss up between snow angels or the man of my dreams…. lol
@JesusWife Snow archangels
@kitwhelan ASnow fort with my brother when we were kids!! It was epic. #NUTS http://t.co/OBgPB4Ou
@gdarcyryan: an underground tunnel system in my Uncle’s backyard in Toronto. They had over 6 feet of snow that year!
@thehappyhourmom Slurpees from @socal7eleven
@solepurposebks We built a GIANT snow fort. Used water to make winter waterslides, it was like the tunnel to the pirate ships in Goonies
@thomaswingham The Ice Storm. Dark movie, amazing story. Kevin, Sigourney, Tobey, Elijah and Christina..wow.

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