MidLife Road Trip Royal wedding guestsQ1. You are hereby proclaimed Royal Monarch of Earth. What shall be your 1st official act? #NUTS
@avgjomag  first act would be NO TAXES
@TheSuss  When I am King, Fridays will become part of the weekend!
@ZipSetRachel Peace on Earth, of course
@RockTique  #Nutella takes back that recently issued, ridiculous claim that it’s not as healthy as advertised. And peace, always peace
@akaSwedishChef  I’d make tequila a world wide national drink
@KirkCole  Everyone must stop what they are doing, head for the nearest beach. LIMBO CONTEST!
@BespokeTravels A noontime nap edict wouldn’t be bad either!

Q2. As Royal Monarch, what shall be the official food, beverage and dessert of your kingdom? #NUTS
@TravelProducer:  Anything made with; organic dark chocolate
@SandiMcKenna  Fresh Seafood, Egg Creams and Chocolate in Abundance
@MalloryOnTravel  Pistachio #nuts, tiramisu and mojitos with Guinness for breakfast as need a good start to the day
@akonthego  Bacon, bourbon, and bacon-chocolate cake
@GPdogma  Prime rib, Champagne & Red Velvet Cake.
@JeanetteJoy  Strawberries, chocolate, pop corn, and red wine
@amontrealer  Chocolate cookies, chocolate milk and chocolate mousse. Possible exception for strawberries covered in chocolate

Q3. What shall be the Royal Theme Song of your kingdom? #NUTS
@CruzTravelLady (pause for effect) Beethoven’s 5th symphony… Da da da da!
@CelticTours   Dublin’s Fair City
@rickgriffin The Theme song from Cheers for my kingdom shall be a place where everybody knows your name
@UnnaWildt  “My country’s only borders lie around my heart!”
@Runenfly  Born to be wild? Yea?
@foodieintl  Bouncing off Clouds
@GPdogma  Dancin in the Street

Q4. Describe your Royal Coat of Arms? #NUTS
@scoutfinch1 My Royal Coat of Arms will have initials or names of as many best buddies I can fit on it
@VacationChoices  Tuxedo shirts
@jkheaton  Something with the sea, a butterfly, a Royal Crown
@edgyjunecleaver  A map of the world, a bottle of champagne, and a Yin/Yang symbol.
@MagellanPR  – Well – paint brush, camera, a dog, a pen, wine glass, walking boots and a book/kindle – sums me up really!
@eatsleeplaugh  bacon wrapped around a sunflower
@TravelProducer A dog being chauffeured on a bike – here’s a photo – LOL http://t.co/UXCGWdNA
@guygirltravel  Beach scene much like a corona commercial

Q5. As a Royal Monarch, what shall you proclaim as a Royal Holiday?  #NUTS
@GeneralTours  Well, we already have International Pirate Day… I think the next logical step is International Ninja Day!
@amontrealer  The first day of each season!
@NewYorkHabitat  Every Friday and Monday would be holidays
@santafetraveler  No brainer- my birthday and it’s a week long event
@textPlus  Best Friends Day! On June 8th
@JeanetteJoy  .. PEACE Day!
@travel_version  Everyday ending in a Y
@thebestplease  Every other week is “Life is a beach” and thou shalt not work but be with thy friends and family at the beach

Q6. Where shall you locate your Royal Palace? Why? #NUTS
@_kimrandall . I shall have many. One in St. Louis, one at the beach, perhaps another in Italy
@foodieintl  My “current” royal palace is located in Castelmuzio, Tuscany!
@VacationChoices  Royal workplace will have several locations on several beaches around the world. Do I really need to explain why
@RockTique   A huge floating palace, because staying put in one place is so not fun!
@BespokeTravels  On an island surrounded by soft sand beaches
@thetripchicks  I shall haveth 2 royal abodes: 1 in the Alps of#Switzerland + other in #Bali. (both big enough for all #NUTS fans)
@TheTrvlPrincess:  I think Hawaii would be an ideal location for my palace
@ilivetotravel  mine will be a roaming palace: every 6 months, a new place

Q7. Your Royal Wardrobe shall consist of…  #NUTS
@ _kimrandall  Flip flops
@BroomsRUs . Your Royal Wardrobe shall consist of… #NUTS / Push-Up Bras!
@WillingFoot  Reef sandals, shorts, trunks, and a few linen shirts.
@MagellanPR   Vintage Valentino when he was in charge …. so gorgeous
@jbranigan  Oversized shirt, leggings. bunny slippers and some nice jewelry
@JeanetteJoy  My Royal Wardrobe includes Sandals, bathing suits, silk terry lined robes
@maryannewendt   Lots of PURPLE!
@GeneralTours  Blue Jeans, T-Shirts, and Teva sandals… I’m both lazy AND the King – who’s going to complain???
@TravelerKate  I don’t need material objects. I’m so low key, I can just get buy with Kate Middleton’s hand-me-downs. Could she be more perfect?

Q8.  To which of Twitter/Facebook friends would you grant knighthood in your kingdom? why? #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel All of them …. can never have enough good night ummm knights
@amontrealer  My best friend. Two no nonsense bitches ruling a kingdom. Sh*t would get done!
@jbranigan  To @DianeTate @CarePathways@jeanettejoy @lorimoreno @janewmeade @cyberbonn@barb_calabrese for loyalty, honesty & friendship
@akonthego @MalloryOnTravel to save me from dragons, for sure.
@santafetraveler  I’m keeping it a secret so I can surprise them.
@SauceBoss_1  @JustKarenJoyce shall be my Royal Voice-over Actress. I want my arrival announced in sexy style
@RickGriffin:  I shall grant Royal Knighthood to all who retweet me

Q9. To which of Twitter/Facebook friends would serve as your court jester? #NUTS
@TravelProducer  No contest: @RickGriffin and@Banfff_Squirrell
@MagellanPR So many on #NUTS chats make me laugh … you are ALL court jesters – a term of deep affection
@StayAdventurous  Any regular on this chat would suffice#jester
@TheTrvlPrincess  Easy. That honor goes to @RickGriffincause he is hilarious!
@SandiMcKenna  @BigTimeComedian always makes me laugh
@travel_version  @Banff_Squirrel & @MalloryOnTravel
@WillingFoot  @JimGaffigan is freaking hilarious and so is@azizansari Be a tough choice

Q10. Who/what do you consider to be a Royal Pain in the Butt? #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  Charlie Sheen before anybody else says it
@amandaelsewhere  My job.
@VickyAkins  ANY of the Kardashians or the REAL housewives of ‘insert-your-city-here.’
@WillingFoot  quite a few reality stars
@BespokeTravels  Spammers
@RockTique I’ll completely understand if anyone answers with my twitter handle
@SaraRoderickLA  Begins w/St & ends w/Louis Blues! #gokings!
@SandiMcKenna Octomom & her Fertility Doc.. a single mom with 14 kids by choice & no job or money to care for them

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