Another GREAT #Nuts Twitter Chat Today. Thanks to everyone who came to ‘Therapy’..

Here’s a snapshot of how far our Tweets traveled

Photo Courtesy of Ann Lombardi @TheTripChicks

Q1. The first stop on my ‘round-the-world’ road trip would be …. #nuts
@@mygo2it:  Antarctica! Might as well get it out of the way first
@MalloryOnTravel: . Probably the loo (toilet for the less well travelled) 😉
@ilivetotravel: . Depends on which direction I go… Paris or Tokyo. So practical… Hmm, which direction shd I start from??
@familyfoodie: The first stop around the world would be Portugal
@GeneralTours:  The Middle East – specifically Egypt (not just for the sights, but for the cultural zeitgeist right now) and Jordan (Petra)
@SportsShuffle:  Las Vegas for some short term “investing”
@senyoritamyx:  Paris, the city of love LOL
@2Travelaholics: The airport, to get the hell out of here!

Q2. Person or thing you would not go ’round the world’ without   ….  #nuts
@ZipSetRachel: well, I guess my passport.
@emptynestersOTC: seeing as how I am terrified to fly, but desperate to travel, XANAX!
@2Travelaholics: – I have a tiny tiny stuffed penguin I take pics of in front of landmarks all over the world. Weird? No, AWESOME. He’ll be with me
@Kcom:  my pillow + iPad. Maybe peanut butter.
@thetripchicks:   I always pack a sense of humor, my Swiss watch, dental floss, + EmergenC.
@DonnaDahl:  definitely tea tree oil
@Nancy_Ravanelli: I’d say my family! Has to be my husband and 2 girls–I know you said ONE but I need them all!
@ @kymri  Sense of Humor

Q3. My travel guide from Twitter/Facebook would be ….  #nuts
@robinwsmith:  my Travelers list … as it has all of you #nuts in it.
@GeneralTours: Wow… I don’t know that I can pick just one of you guys – there are so many of you that really influence me here!
@ehalvey:. Depends on where I’m going. No one is an expert on everything
@kymri:. my tweetdeck – that way at any given moment there’s bound to be someone who knows something!
@mygo2it: The entire online travel community! #nuts #ttot & #tni are like my bat signals for travel needs
@familyfoodie  @midliferoadtrip would B perfect tour guide
@AllAboutPuebla: Subsequent choices would be @TransAmericas,@TravelWorkLive or @chickybus as my travel guides from Twitter/FB!

Q4. World cruise: What ports of call would you visit? …. #nuts
@HennArtOnline: Port, the wine for me
@Flamingberry: Too many to list! But def #Barcelona
@VitraSin: bettr question is which wouldn’t i visit–i want to c them all!
@LovelyLu: World cruise: What ports of call would you visit? Mediterranean – best cruise I’ve ever taken!\
@@chimeratravel: Oh but I’d definitely want to do the Norwegian Fjords
@@christinahegele: Vancouver, Juneau, Oahu, Tahiti, Sydney, Akaroa, Wellingto
@2Travelaholics: Reykjavik, Canary Islands, Cape Town, Antarctica, Seychelles, Christmas Island, Palau, Maui. Woohoo!
@christinahegele: Totally. Akaroa is beautiful (NZ). Sydney rocks!

Q5.  Most memorable experience losing something while traveling …. #nuts
@LauraAllenTvl: When @CourtneyLLane lost her passport 2 days in to a 3.5 month trip in #HAVANA!
@WriterChick47:  My plane ticket HOME from Los Angeles! Right @McMedia &@RickGriffin? OMG, I was going
@JeanetteJoy: Most memorable experience losing something while traveling -Losing every care in the world in the Carribbean
@JasonPromotesU: My camera and had no pictures to back up my review on the blog.
@katyabroad: The guy I fell in love with at first sight, but didn’t have a chance to exchange numbers or even names
@lauriegapair: my breath – climbing Kili was tough
@AdventuresPlan: Lost my figure while eating huge Caribbean meals
@ehalvey:. Besides my lunch? I lost a sweater and scarf in a bar in Zurich because a couple was basically getting it on where I left them.

Q6.  Food you would travel around the world to eat ….. #nuts
@kymri: Thai food. IN Thailand.
@ChefBillyParisi: although the French seem to forget they would be speaking German twice now if it werent for US, but I’d have to say their cuisine!
@ZipSetAndrea: Good sushi of any variety! And, is great wine a food?
@crozul:: Fresh Pina Colada straight from coconut tree on BEACH! Did this in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! VID PROOF!
@CovetedEscapes: Sticky toffee pudding and steak pies
@ThitiaOfficial: Real Mexican Food, would love to taste that!
@VegasBiLL: Food to travel around the world for is Chocolate Covered Bacon Wrapped Oreos From The Fair!
@AbroadView: Sacher torte from Salzburg’s Hotel Sacher. With coffee, of course.
@ @bespoketravels: Definitely biltong in Cape Town…wish I could have some shipped over now!
@poshbrood: Paris — pain au chocolat & fromage

Q7. Your favorite foreign phrase ….  #nuts
@amandaelsewhere: In Costa Rica, I sort of fell in love with the concept of Pura Vida – living the pure life
@HennArtOnline: Cerveza/Vino por favor!
@TravelMaestro: A handsome Italian saying “Prego!
@ChefBillyParisi: Donde esta el baño?
@Chimeratravel: There are some fun Sicilian ones that I probably can’t say on twitter. Learned them from my grandma and other old sicilian ladies
@ZipSetAndrea: Je t’aime, Bon Nuit…my little boy says this to be every night at bedtime!
@AdventuresPlan: “I’m coming just now” = I’ll show up whenever I get around to it! Lol
@McMedia: Favorite foreign phrase: Bless your heart

Q8. Furthest you’ve ever traveled from your home …. #nuts
@ilivetotravel: I have been sent to “el carajo” a few times and that may be further from home than Tasmania. Any1 know?
@NicoleTravelBug: In 1 day? ADL -> MEL -> LAX -> JFK I didn’t want to see an airplane for a week after that!
@rtwdave: Physically, I’d guess New Zealand or Nepal
@ilivetotravel: I have been sent to “el carajo” a few times and that may be further from home than Tasmania. Any1 know?
@kymri:. I took a wrong exit and wound up in East LA once….that felt really far from home
@gmfriedrich: @visitholland. Amsterdam specifically. Beautiful city!
@@lisajanPA: Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns. New Zealand, Rio de Janeiro, Argentina, Italy..what am I missing?
@garrycam: Gstaad Switzerland

Q9. Longest trip you have ever taken ….  #nuts
@BridalTravelGuy: It was in college started with these delicious brownies on Friday ended on Monday
@HennArtOnline: 19 hrs from Los Angeles to Wyoming during a blizzard!
@beforeiam35: touring Europe by car with my parents when i was 12. Right after the Berlin wall fell. Exciting times.
@katyabroad: The 50 hours I just did to get to Salta – ironically from San Pedro, 9 hours away!
@NaturesWells: A9 Until death….I’m still tripping!
@AllAboutPuebla:I came to #Puebla in 2007 to study Spanish for four months, and I’m still here!
@allaboutmexico: The 26 hr car drive from Boulder, CO to Buffalo, NY
@utravelwithus: down my front stairs… that hurt

Q10. Most beautiful view in the world. Pic? #nuts
@Flamingberry: The skyline in my hometown #Toronto #nuts
@anxioustravel: So hard! Underwater view of Wreck of the Rhone in BVI
@robinwsmith: – my home after a long vacation
@DutchUmbrella: The Philadelphia skyline through a cab window heading home from the airport after a long trip away
@crozul:  The Caribbean Sunset
@FlyingTalk: Hef’s place?
@reneedobbs:. The view from the top of the Zugspitz
@AbroadView: Santorini in the spring. #nuts

After Party
@MalloryOnTravel: Thank you all for the amazing trip, the best RTW buddies ever but just too many to thank each of you, still all awesome & #nuts of course
@BespokeTravels: Thanks to @MidlifeRoadTrip for another great #NUTS session!
@starmediaguy: Cheers, #NUTS. That was fun!
@GoingNomaddanib: Everyone on here today is f’n #nuts! Love you guys!
@GeneralTours: Thanks for hosting another great #NUTS – had a blast in therapy, as always! @MidlifeRoadTrip @RickGriffin @McMedia @WriterChick47



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