Q1. What would your ‘ultimate’ road trip look like#NUTS
@ChrystalClear_Going from St.Petersburg Russia through eastern Europe, through the Middle East, and from Cairo down to Cape town
@avgjomag The ultimate ‘road trip’ would look like “National Lampoon’s Vacation’ – including the dead relative tied to the top of the car
@BespokeTravels  Would love to retrace the steps of the silk road traders!
@shannonartsdiva A trip around Banff & Jasper, Alberta , or thru the LaCloche Mtns to Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world
@1step2theleft Leaving on al old VW minibus w/@MalloryOnTravel. Only a pair of jeans+t-shirt and a full load of beer!
@WillingFoot A soft topped Jeep down in South or Central America and just drive from town to town with someone you enjoy being around.
@HennArtOnline Chauffer driven Rolls Royce being served Bacon & a Martini!
@marksmayo 4WD, couple of friends, Morocco to Cape Town or bust
@kymri: Ultimate road trip would probably involve James Bond behind the wheel of car that flies and dives

Q2. If you could be a roadie for an band which would it be #NUTS
@bylisajobarr   Leonard Cohen
@JeanetteJoy  Willie Nelson. He parks his motor coach right downtown Manhattan
@AnujAdhiya   Spinal Tap of course
@Banff_Squirrel Alvin and the Squirrels (I’d make a few changes a prior group)
@TheTrvlPrincess   Michael Franti & Spearhead. I was just looking @ photos of their tour today. Looks like they have a BLAST
MalloryOnTravel  Gorgeous Nymphomaniacs ….. just made them up but be awesome being their roadie
@kitwhelan   U2!! That was easy
@TravelProducer:   I wouldn’t want to be a roadie, but perhaps a Steve Perry “Groupie” would work for me.   
@kingandprince Toby Keith…. 3 words come to mind: “Red Solo Cup

Q3. Best game to pass the time on a road#NUTS
@MiraCristine 20 questions
@ilivetotravel   Finding license plates from every state
@WillingFoot    Punch buggy of course
@Changes_Long   Singing TV theme songs
@L_e_a_h  Count the Waffle Houses
@ZipSetRachel How about car bingo?
@room_77  Sleeping while the other person drives. That’s a game, right
@steveGOgreen I love talking movies! Favorite actor, movie
@Banff_Squirrel ‘Lockdown’! Eat a big bran breakfast, lock the car windows, enjoy

Q4. Most fun you ever had getting lost #NUTS
@AustininLA Ca coast hwy w/my wife looking 4 a winery.
@lapearce  wondering around Tokyo Japan having no idea of where we were, but not really caring
@allaboutmexico In Venice, lost in the maze of alleys only to find a neighborhood cafe w/ friendly locals.
@JackFerriter There was this week in college..
@MelanieMinnaar driving solo from Mafikeng to Klerksdorp in the no cellphone days
@marksmayo Being picked up by the cops because ‘this area realllly isn’t safe!
@jbranigan I got lost in Galway City, all those cute little medieval streets near Spanish Arch
@AnotherTraveler  Most fun was getting lost in LA and running into an underground techno party
@FloraBaker  Getting lost while driving around Iceland was pretty awesome.

Q5. Your allowed to bring someone famous along on your next road trip, who is it & why #NUTS
@TravelProducer Toss up between Prince Harry and his Grams – the Queen. Both would be fun on a road trip.
@bylisajobarr  Gwen Stefanni : She’s a warior–a girley girl and a strong woman. She seems like she’d be a fun person.
@KouponKat  Anthony Bourdain. He’s so cool and gets the hookup in all the best restaurants
@travel_version Morgan Freeman so he can narrate
@L_e_a_h  Richard Branson, because when I go, I like to go in style. Plus, his teeth can show me the way if we get lost in the dark
@MelanieMinnaar Johnny Depp – duh!
@TheTrvlPrincess UM HELLOOO Betty White! How awesome would that be???
@Anja_Beckmann  Ewan McGregor has done several motorcylce journeys. Would like to have him as a tour guide
@SandiMcKenna @banff_Squirrel @Changes_Long A5. Wife says #GuyFieri, ’cause he’d know all the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to go to!

Q6. MUST have app/gadget/accessory for any successful road trip #NUTS
@TheTrvlPrincess   Toilet paper. You never know when you’ll need it.
@shannonartsdiva  Binoculars, sketch book, pencils, camera, and a sense of adventure!
@belizeadventure   Hands down its my #iPhone!
@kymri   Camera. And apparently a booster seat for@Banff_Squirrel
@webtrovertme A lock-pick!
@jbranigan   How about a catheter — so you don’t have to make so many rest stops?
@edgyjunecleaver   must have gadget is a smart phone w/ the garmin app and stitcher app. Podcasts keep me from going#nuts on roadtrips
@TheSundayDriver:  App? Sunday Drive (duh!) Gadget? Corkscrew. Accessory? Working credit card. Done
@HennArtOnline  Must have portable Bacon crisper!

Q7. Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? why or why not? details… #NUTS
@lapearce  never picked one up. Either the car is full or I’m all alone… seen too many horor stories to try that
@scoutfinch1   No, they hadn’t had a shower in 3 days!
@MisterHirsch   Hell No! Grew-up watching too many horror movies with hitch hikers in them
@Changes_Long   Yes, 2 elderly ladies walking in a national park in Ireland. They looked exhaused-underestimated length of trek
@SandiMcKenna  2 years ago @rickgriffin .. still in the car
@akaSwedishChef  Nope, none have ever taken my fancy!!
@webtrovertme   Just once when I was in college, was heading to New Jersey. We ended up in a motel!
@misstdoe   Yes. I was underage and wanted him to buy beer.
@Travel_Rich   Yes, Koh Phangan, Thailand the only time. He was walking miles away from anywhere in incomprehensible heat. Couldn’t drive past

Q8. Besides gas, what do you buy during a road trip pit stop?#NUTS
@LoisMarketing Coffee and cinnamon Certs. Essential for any road trip.
@scoutfinch1 Wine, Wine, Wine!
@adrig7   I buy a coke to keep me going.
@Travel_Rich  Sausage rolls and sweets. One for now, one for later.
@JesusWife:    Trident gum–for my hubby, his dad, and the ghost.
@VickyAkins:  Buy condoms and hot dog buns…leave the clerk wondering…
@AnotherTraveler   Junk food and magazines! no bueno :/ – oh and dorky souvenirs
@travel_version  Coffee is a must!
@ZipSetRachel  Smart Water, Sunglasses and Starbucks. BOOM

Q9. What’s in your road trip emergency kit?#NUTS
@Room_77  Duct tape – the world’s most amazing invention!
@MiraCristine  flash light, duct tape, blanket, shovel & toilet paper
@scoutfinch1  Coffee! Loads of it…just in case.
@marksmayo   An empty box of bandages, a stained knife, and an expired Greyhound ticket. #nevershoppingonebayagain
@kitwhelan  Toilet paper, stuff to fix a car that I have no idea how to use, and the number for AAA!
@kymri  Wetsuit and board. Ya never know when surf will beckon on those scenic coastal drives
@AnotherTraveler   Tequila!!! (not for the driver tho) hahah for grouchy grown up passengers.
@TheSundayDriver  #bacon and #wine–to bribe any fellow #nutters who might come upon me in my state of distress.
@RickGriffin  A corkscrew

Q10. Song that best embodies YOUR style of a Road Trip #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel   bat out of hell
@webtrovertme  Guns N Roses Paradise City!
@steveGOgreen    Mud On the Tires
@lapearce   The Eagles “Take it Easy”
@ImNotHome1  Fast Car, Tracy Chapman
@adrig7   Any song by either Cold Play or U2. It just makes the trip so much more peaceful and meaningful
@ilivetotravel  Life is a Highway. Or Love is a Battlefield. Depends
@GreystoneEstate   I Get Around by the Beach Boys
@BridalTravelGuy   Start Me up – The Rolling Stones
@JackFerriter:  Long May You Run!
@Room_77 “The Distance” by Cake.
@Jess_Skel   “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen.

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