Accessories can make or break the way you feel, especially when traveling. They can be the difference between being stylishly put together or frazzled and frumpy.  Why arrive looking drab when you can arrive looking fab?

Pashmina is a type of cashmere historically woven out of wool from a breed of goats native to the Himalayan Mountains. Pashmina textiles have since become wildly popular in the Middle East and Asia, and scarves are among the most sought after Pashmina products in the world. Each Pashmina scarf is uniquely beautiful. Although some of the patterns may look similar, you would be hard pressed to find two identical scarves.egyption pashmina

Many of the scarves display vibrant colors such as red, fuchsia, turquoise, magenta, and orange; reflecting the Middle Eastern culture’s appreciation for color, particularly among Egyptian youth. Whether draped casually over the shoulders or tied skillfully around the neck, these statement pieces add personality to any outfit and are great conversation starters.

Some of the other scarves exhibit more neutral colors such as maroon, navy blue, forest green, brown, and gold. Not only do these pair particularly well with pastels, but they contribute a certain degree of elegance to any look. Remember, dress for success and flight upgrades!

Between drafty airplanes and temperatures that fluctuate through times zones, wearing a Pashmina has become a stylish essential for travel.

I visit Egypt often and have always been in awe of the exquisite array of Pashminas I find there. Each silky soft scarf measures 70 inches long and 27 inches wide and is perfect for every season. They are light enough to wear comfortably through the spring and add much-needed warmth during the winter and fall months when layered with a sweater or jacket.

Whether you choose to gift your Pashmina to someone special or sport it yourself (if you can bear to part with it), the possibilities of this fashion phenomenon are endless.

Do you have a Pashmina in your wardrobe?

Kaelyn Mostafa is a communications and international studies student at Roger Williams University. When not immersed in her studies or traveling the world, Kaelyn brings her youthful perspective and writing, editing, and communication skills to the MidLife Road Trip where she is an intern. To find out more about her Pashminas and how you can get one (or two) for yourself, email Kaelyn at

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