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  • Serendipity: Geraldo, Fox News, Huddle House and Coffee

    Serendipity: Geraldo, Fox News, Huddle House and Coffee

    Serendipity: a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated. On a recent trip to New York City, Rick and I were in search of breakfast on our way to find Rachael Ray when we bumped into John Stossel. As happens often when I’m with Rick and his ADD we get sidetracked, one thing leading to another and we found ourselves sitting on the set of Fox News. Yes, there we were, sitting […]

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  • Kruse & Muer on Wilshire by Vicky Akins

    Kruse & Muer on Wilshire by Vicky Akins

    There are times when eating is just eating. Then there are other occasions when the pace is less rushed, the meal represents family time and ‘eating’ becomes dining. Those meals are the ones from which great conversation, wonderful connections and unforgettable camaraderie are born.  But on rarer instances, maybe once or twice a year for the average person, you get to partake of a meal you’ll remember for a very long time. For those of […]

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  • Childhood Dreams turn to Bucket List Items

    Childhood Dreams turn to Bucket List Items

    Every year, when growing up  in suburban Long Island, we would go to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes and look at the beautiful window displays at Macy’s Herald Square. It was a time honored holiday season tradition that dated back to my parents and their parents. It was indeed spectacular! It never disappointed and I would secretly picture myself on the stage in the red velvet suit trimmed in white with long […]

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  • The Ultimate Grandparent: A Mother’s Perspective

    The Ultimate Grandparent: A Mother’s Perspective

    Guest Blogger: Donna Foute Picture it, Halloween night 2006 in the middle of Disney World, a 63 year old man stuffed inside an adult sized Buzz Light Year suit purchasing Mickey Mouse ice cream bars for his grandchildren. I sat on the bench watching my retired father-in-law beam with delight as my children danced around him. He was sweating to death in his costume as It was a very warm evening in Florida. My father-in-law […]

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  • The Meranova Guest Inn ~ Luxury accommodations in a stylish, contemporary setting

    The Meranova Guest Inn ~ Luxury accommodations in a stylish, contemporary setting

    Beautiful Bed & Breakfast The Meranova Guest Inn is the brainchild of Frank Baiamonte & David Roy. They are absolutely the perfect hosts, and the Meranova Guest Inn is the like no other B&B anywhere. It is situated in the heart of this lovely sleepy “old Florida” town with several great restaurants and watering holes on or around this movie-set Main Street. The first thing you notice as you enter through the gate of the […]

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  • Follow Me At Sea

    Follow Me At Sea

    Posted on July 1, 2010 by cruisemuse Copyright – Princess Cruises aaaaah… Alaska. While my right brain fed vicariously on the travel porn of the recent Princess Cruises social media junket; my right brain couldn’t help but wanting to analyze data and results. (RT @TripAdvisor: Travel porn is watching people do things you’ll never do in places you’ll never go.)  Certainly the sales and marketing team at Princess had some key metrics and outcomes in […]

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  • Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    When they’re not out practicing Twitter jujitsu, social media managers craft companywide guidelines and also proselytize within the ranks. Some employees inevitably balk at the idea of tweeting about their jobs because it sounds suspiciously like more work. Others worry—often rightfully—about oversharing themselves into trouble. Last year, James Andrews, a vice-president at the PR firm Ketchum flew to Memphis to talk to employees at FedEx (FDX), one of the agency’s largest clients, about digital media. […]

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  • Rick Griffin’s Commercial Airs on National Television

    Rick Griffin’s Commercial Airs on National Television

    We are so excited to see our first nationally televised commercials on the air! We ran a couple programs for Budweiser’s Designated Driver program earlier this year. They bought two videos from Poptent creators –Rick Griffin and Bryan Law – and they’ve aired on the Conan O’brien Show on NBC this week! You can watch both videos on their Facebook Page that goes along with the project (and become a fan while you’re there!). I dropped Rick a […]

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    Happiness Is a Full House by Lynn Schnurnberger published: 05/02/2010 Happy together: Zoee Frakes and dog Ginger, Madi Oliver, Ralph Finkenbrink, Sandra McKenna, Kristel Oliver, and Betty McKenna.   When Madi Oliver turned 8 a few weeks ago, her mom, sister, grandparents, and great-grandparents feasted on barbecue, crab legs, and a pink-frosted cake at a dinner table decked out in full Hello Kitty regalia. While some relatives have to travel 20—or even 2000—miles to be […]

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  • A Look That’s Fun, Not Frumpy

    A Look That’s Fun, Not Frumpy

    Reader Stories: What’s Your Fashion Look? From MidLifeRoadTrip, Member How would you describe your fashion look? I would classify my style as a combination of couture, classic and sporty. Living in the South we tend to wear a lot of resort casual. Much of the time the heat dictates the outfit. Sundresses, capris by day. The little black dress, or pencil skirt and blouse by night. Jeans are a staple, fitted with a flare. […]

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