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  • Raising a glass of Emeril’s Champagne Punch to you! #sundaysupper

    Raising a glass of Emeril’s Champagne Punch to you! #sundaysupper

    en #SundaySupper decided to throw a potluck we knew right away we’d make Emeril’s Champagne Punch! (Recipe Below) Since successfully arriving in MidLife, every day is a celebration! We love nothing more than getting together with friends for laughs and good times, whether talking about world travels or a delicious new recipe. Raising a glass of Emeril’s Champagne Punch to you and wishing you a healthy, happy and well traveled New Year!

    A great example of never giving up on pursuing your dreams, Emeril Lagasse has inspired us to “Kick it up a Notch” when it comes to our own journey!

    Our favorite Emeril Quotes: “When I first decided to open a restaurant, I was turned down by several banks. It was the late 80’s and many restaurants were failing. I refused to give up because I knew I had a good concept”

    “Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen. that’s the exciting part” “If you think big, then it’s going to be big”


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  • Segway to Kansas City ….

    Segway to Kansas City ….

    Segway to Kansas City! We had no idea how much fun and how interesting a Segway tour of Kansas City’s Union Station would be. We absolutely loved it and it was one of our favorite things about Kansas City! The weather was perfect, which was unusual because every other day of the trip the wind was relentless. The Segway store is right inside Union Station and after a brief tutorial on how to start and stop we were zipping around […]

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  • The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    The Ultimate Party Appetizer

    Who knew making the Ultimate Party Appetizer could be so simple yet flavorful. Every once in awhile you find a brand that captures your attention(and taste buds) and it becomes a staple in your kitchen. That was certainly the case with Intensity Academy. Their award winning marinades, chups and hot sauces are regulars in the MidLife Road Trip pantry.

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  • Food Porn: Taking the Moaning Out of the Bedroom and Putting it in the Kitchen where it Belongs

    Food Porn: Taking the Moaning Out of the Bedroom and Putting it in the Kitchen where it Belongs

    Disclaimer: Food Porn Alert! Taking the Moaning Out of the Bedroom and Putting it in the Kitchen where it Belongs! We originally met Chef Debbie Frangipane on twitter. As luck would have it, she invited us to dinner IRL . We were greeted at the door that evening by her husband and Unsavory Adventurer, author Barry Frangipane and since that fateful evening, we have never looked at dessert quite the same. The dinner was amazing but what was to follow was almost […]

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  • This Wine is the Cat’s Meow

    This Wine is the Cat’s Meow

    Lately I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet. I remain a carnivore, but I’m including more chicken and fish in my diet and and less red meat. I generally prefer red wine, and while there are many reds that pair very well with foul and seafood, my new diet is giving me a good excuse to experience more whites. I found a simple recipe for pan seared scallops on the Food Network’s website and decided to pair it with […]

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  • Top 10 List: Tips to Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter

    Top 10 List: Tips to Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter

    We love Twitter Chats, after all we created one of our own ( #nuts ) just over 2 years ago! They’re fun, a great way to meet like-minded people and learn about a subject near and dear to you. One of favorite type of chats is the Food Chat. You can find a food chat on Twitter just about any day of the week which is why we created the Top 10 list: Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter. Let the countdown begin!

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  • The Stetson Mansion “Decks the Halls”

    The Stetson Mansion “Decks the Halls”

    Nobody “Decks the Halls” quite like the Stetson Mansion in Deland, Florida. Florida’s first luxury home built in 1886 by famed hat maker and philanthropist John B. Stetson is transformed into a winter wonderland throughout the holiday season.   Holiday music is heard on the baby grand player piano as you take a guided tour through three  gorgeous floors of holiday decor where you’ll learn the history of the mansion and hear the inspiring story of the new owners and their […]

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  • Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

    Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

    Disclaimer: I am not a baker. So, when my Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies turned out, no one was more surprised than me! #SundaySupper put out the holiday cookie challenge and well you know us, we never met a challenge we wouldn’t try. After all, Midlife is about stepping out of your comfort zone and well baking from scratch is quite uncomfortable! This recipe is easy. Very Easy. The cookies are melt-in-your mouth delicious with the perfect combination of sweet from the caramel with the sprinkling of sea salt. Truly a match made in cookie heaven.

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