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  • Behind the Scenes with Kelsey Grammer

    Behind the Scenes with Kelsey Grammer

    After watching La Cage on Broadway in New York City, we caught up with Kelsey Grammer to find out what’s on his bucket list.  

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  • A Plate of Bacon as BIG as Your Head

    A Plate of Bacon as BIG as Your Head

    If you’re driving down I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan, you’re not likely to notice anything special about Tony’s. Nestled quietly next to a gas station, it sits, unassuming and unremarkable. At first glance, you might even think it’s a truck stop. But pull in the massive parking lot and one thing will jump out at you; the line of people waiting that stretches way out into the parking area. Visit on the weekend and the line is even longer.

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  • #NUTS Session 19 – Imagine That

    #NUTS Session 19 – Imagine That

    Q1. If you were the lead singer in a band, what kind of band would it be & what would your stage name be?

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  • #Nuts recap ~ Funny Bone

    #Nuts recap ~ Funny Bone

    Special Thanks to this weeks Guest Therapists: @LaughNYC @BruceSallan @Akonthego  Q1. What’s the best prank you ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?  

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  • The Art of Packing

    The Art of Packing

    Number One Rule: If at all possible Do Not check your bags. By packing smartly, a carry-on can get you through a good 5 to 7 days on the road. Pack one basic color. For me, black works well and can be worn casually by day and accessorized for evening. Keep your “complimentary” color to one or maybe two. Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes and “outer wear” such as sweater and/or jacket on the plane. I accessorize with a […]

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  • ALL THINGS IRISH #Nuts Recap

    ALL THINGS IRISH #Nuts Recap

    Q1. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink? @pizzalogger: @McMedia gotta go with Guiness @martiferg: @CelticTours q1-killigans irish red @i_on_food_drink: Q1. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink? #NUTS – a dram or two of fine Uisce Beatha! Blackbush or Redbreast are faves @akonthego: A1: I like my whisky. But then, the post-meal Irish Coffee does a fine job, too.

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  • Phat Tuesday #Nuts Recap

    Phat Tuesday #Nuts Recap

    Q1. What’s your favorite decadent dessert? #NUTS nicoleploehn: a1: Turtle Cake loaded with creamy caramel, chocolate & #nuts Screenscapes: Key Lime Pie! Yeah, Baby! *que Jimmy Buffet Music! RickGriffin: A1. hands down, @DolceDebbie’s Rum Cake – requires a designated driver

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  • Five Things: Mardi Gras

    Five Things: Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday” The 1st Mardi Gras on record in the United States was in Mobile, Alabama in 1703 and the 1st recorded Mardi Gras in New Orleans was in 1837. Purple, Green and Gold are the official colors of Mardi Gras . They signify Justice, Faith and Power. New Orleans’s 30,000-or more hotel rooms are traditionally 95% filled during Mardi Gras weekend. More than 500,000 king cakes are sold each year in New Orleans between […]

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  • Under Cover #Nuts Recap

    Under Cover #Nuts Recap

    Q1. What is your favorite under cover ‘spy’ movie? #NUTS Cajun_Mama: Austin Powers ;P RT @RickGriffin: Q1. What is your favorite under cover ‘spy’ movie? gmfriedrich: A1. Dr No. God Bless Ian Flemming! WriterChick47 A1. The Bourne Identity series- Matt Damon…yum Only398: A1 Mr and Mrs Smith! DanOCan: A1: Someone has to cast a vote for “Spies Like Us”, right? SandCTravel: A1 James Bond- particularly with Sean Connery! @worldschooled: A1 Uhg, you can tell I’m a mom when the first […]

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  • Five Things We Love About:   Aloft

    Five Things We Love About: Aloft

    Five Things We Love About Aloft

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  • Blog Talk Radio

    Blog Talk Radio

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Midlife Road Trip on the Best People We Know Show with host Deb Scott. The perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – The MidLife Roadtrip! It’s the firm belief of Sandi and Rick that a road trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. They are all about encouraging people to live their dreams (at least the good ones). Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as meeting someTwitter friends in […]

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  • Spring Break #Nuts Recap

    Spring Break #Nuts Recap

    Q1. What is your most memorable spring break? #NUTS kymri: A1. The one yet to come….I’ll be in Bhutan! So excited! #NUTS travelblggr: A1. Key West. I was 16 and my step father’s band was playing at Sloppy Joes. #NUTS MalloryOnTravel: A1. A skiing trip in Italy on the Milky Way, 2nd ever time on the piste ….. I said piste! MiraCristine: going to Walt Disney World

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  • Chicken Divan (Or as we call it, Chicken Divine)

    Chicken Divan (Or as we call it, Chicken Divine)

    My first experience with Chicken Divan was when a friend talked me into trying it.  We were having lunch in a restaurant that specialized in a variety of crepe dishes, so my encounter was not the usual presentation.  I was intrigued but still skeptical when my dish arrived, but I had to confess it did look and smell amazing.  Light golden crepes, lightly drizzled with the same creamy Mornay sauce that spilled from the ends, revealed juicy grilled chicken breast […]

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  • Social Media Sets the Table: Food & Friend Pairing #DishTripLA

    Social Media Sets the Table: Food & Friend Pairing #DishTripLA

    Social media is the magic sauce. It’s the icing on the cake and the spice of life. It is the key ingredient to connecting people who might otherwise never meet.  Such was the case at a recent dinner hosted by Southwest Air and  Dish Trip at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood, California.  Breaking bread the old fashioned way, it was our first time meeting, eating and tweeting with some of our longtime Twitter friends! The conversation began fast & […]

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  • All Things Southern #NUTS Recap

    All Things Southern #NUTS Recap

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