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  • Behind the Scenes with Andrew Zimmern

    Behind the Scenes with Andrew Zimmern

    While at Guy Fieri’s closing party at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, we ran into one of our favorite Travel Channel celebrities, Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, eating of all things,  a cupcake.

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  • Louisiana Swamp Tour

    Louisiana Swamp Tour

    Rick heads to the Atchafalaya Basin near Baton Rouge for a swamp tour on a fan boat – checking one more item off the Bucket List. Check out our other exciting adventures in  Baton Rouge:  Houmas House Plantation and Gardens Tailgating at LSU Fan Boat Swamp Tour Making Mango Crab Cakes Midlife Road Trip Theme Song  Jambalaya Jam

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  • Behind the Scenes at the PGA Village #golf

    Behind the Scenes at the PGA Village #golf

    We got to check something else off our Bucket List as we  trained at the official PGA Training Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. It was so cool learning from the people who train the pros on the PGA tour. The technology they use is nothing short of AMAZING.  

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  • Welcome to Midlife Southwest Airlines!

    Welcome to Midlife Southwest Airlines!

    As self-proclaimed experts, we consider 40 to be the age where midlife begins… approximately.  We don’t define midlife as the halfway point in life. Instead, we think of midlife as middle third of a long life. Midlifers are well beyond the growing pains of childhood and adolescence. They’ve rounded life’s learning curve in their 20s and 30s and are now ready to embrace who they are and begin living life […]

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  • Winter the Dolphin’s Message of Hope has inspired millions

    Winter the Dolphin’s Message of Hope has inspired millions

    Winter the Dolphin’s message of hope has inspired millions of people of all ages from around the world and WE are among them!

    Did you ever have one of those days when you just felt like giving up? Most of us have at one time or another. MidLife is no exception, especially when you decide to start over, launch a new venture. Sure, people question your sanity. After all, MidLife is the time to sit on you laurels not change course. But, in spite of it all you plow forward, making the most of your MidLife and draw inspiration and motivation from everything and everyone around you.

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  • Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe

    Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe

    This Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe is just what you need to spice up your menu! I had the pleasure to dine at Timpanos Italian Chophouse in Tampa the other night. It was a great meal and I tasted just about everything on the menu from meatballs to mussels. One of my favorite dishes was the Shrimp Fra Diablo. Packed with flavor and a little kick, the Shrimp Fra Diablo was a personal favorite so I asked, and they gave me the recipe to share with you. Their recipe is for a single serving, but I would multiply by five (because that’s MY size single serving) …..

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  • #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    Guess What? #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ Just Kidding, #WeMadeThatUp

    It is however, an hour of laugh out loud fun on Twitter. 1 question, every 6 minutes focusing on Food, Travel and Adventure for a total of 10 questionsbetween 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm est. Better than a soap opera, less irritating than The View, the #NUTS Twitter chat guarantees to put you in a good mood! Today we’re “Airing It All Out” as we explore the ups and downs of air travel. Hope you can join us, we have even created a Tweet Grid making it even easier to follow along!

    The numbers don’t lie.

    #NUTS averages approximately 11 million impressions per session.
    Our current record is over 23 Million impressions, reaching an audience of over 1.2 Million!

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  • Quaint, Quirky and Colorful … The Madonna Inn

    Quaint, Quirky and Colorful … The Madonna Inn

    Quaint, Quirky and Colorful … The Madonna Inn shatters the illusion that all hotels look alike. The Madonna Inn’s humble beginnings started in 1958.with only 12 rooms but quickly expanded. Sitting on 2200 acres, the architecture and construction encompassed all the natural resources found on the property including the rocks, some of which weigh in excess of 200 tons each.
    Now boasting 110 rooms, individually designed and decorated so that each is unique, you can opt for a different experience each time you stay. Throughout the inn you’’ll find etched, leaded windows & glass work all custom made as well as custom crafted wood carvings. The hand carved balustrade in the dining room was originally from Hearst castle and the 28-foot gold tree fixture that sits in the main dining room is made of excess electrical conduit from building projects and left over copper remnants.

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