Rancho La Puerta 70 Years in the Making …

Luminaries such as Oprah, Sophia Loren, Madonna and now me all stayed at Rancho La Puerta. While we weren’t there “together” I can certainly see why they would choose Rancho La Puerta.

Nestled between mountains and meadow in Baja California, Mexico, Rancho La Puerta “Ranch of the Door” was founded in 1940 by spa pioneers Deborah and Edmond Szekely.

Certainly ahead of their time, these visionaries created paradise on 3,000 unspoiled private acres with lush gardens, native trees, olive groves, ponds and fountains.

Known as “The Friendly Spa” the Ranch has the perfect formula when it comes to mixing with other guests or finding your own space. Their programs cover a balance of mind, body and spirit with a wide variety of exercise to choose from whether you are looking for a challenging hike on Mt. Kuchumaa to the Art of Happiness Meditation. The classes provide an opportunity to try something new and each week there are guest presenters in addition to regular classes. Visiting instructors, the finest in their fields offer interesting topics. I had the opportunity to learn about Feldenkrais, the natural ability to move, think and feel. With ten cookbooks, award winning Chef Joan Nathan was among the most sought after, teaching a hands on cooking class “The New American Cooking.” There was the Truth About Dreaming with the insightful Rubin Naiman, PHD and Anyone Can Sing with the delightful Laura Dean. I especially enjoyed meeting author of The American Resting Place, Marilyn Yalom, PHD. In weeks to come you’ll find Living Well with Erica Jung, Focus on Fruits & Vegetables with Russ Parsons, L.A. Times, and even Handwriting Analysis with Lena Rivkin. The classes and possibilities to learn are endless!

The accommodations are first class, ranging from a studio bedroom and bath to a two bedroom, two bath Villa Suite with living room, wet bar and fireplace accommodating up to four people.

The spa is absolute perfection. Offing a wide variety of massage, wraps, body treatments, reflexology, salon and wellness services. I left feeling and looking better than I had in years.

Rancho la Puerta provides three gourmet meals daily. They are renowned for their Mediterranean vegetarian-organic spa cuisine which is plentiful and robust. There is a fish option as well as snacks daily.

There was never a shortage of something to do with a packed schedule of offerings from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Whether staff or guest, there was always someone to engage in satisfying,

enriching conversation. Equally balanced was quiet time, the availability to find and indulge in solitude.

No stone left unturned, no need went unfulfilled. From the well trained and attentive staff to the guests that shared the week, Rancho la Puerta truly is an experience I’ll never forget. 

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