Q1. The great BBQ Debate: What’s your favorite style of BBQ? #nuts

@TravelDesigned: I like a little spicy and sweet….. OH You are talking BBQ
@Only398Mustard-based #Memphis style!
@DutchUmbrella: Raised in both NC & TX, I’ve had some great BBQ…but I’m partial to the vinegar based flavors of NC Pulled Pork
@holidayvelvet: lobster bbq!
@aseper Pork, with a dry rub, finished off with a homemade sauce-sweet, spicy, and tangy.
@GeneralTours: I like the Northern BBQ Roadhouses up here – little places off the beaten path serving sweet and spicy ribs that fall off the bone!
@mmWine: I love Grilling steaks, and smoking ribs!
@HostelsandTours: a great “bife de chorizo a la parrilla” Argentinian Style!

Q2. Your best “cooking on the grill” recipe/or tip  #nuts
@mygo2it: When in doubt, apply more BBQ sauce
@lapearce:: make sure to refill the bf’s beer while he grills
@familyfoodie: I love Salmon w/ sesame ginger sauce cooked on the grill
@emptynestersOTC: I love cooking veggies like yellow and zucchini squash slices on the grill! Yum!
@TravelBlggr: This July 4th we made Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheddar Burgers. Photographic evidence … #nuts http://ow.ly/i/eeWz
@Chimeratravel: Giant garlic bulb (whole bulb) in foil and drizzle with olive oil, sale and pepper. comes out like spreadable garlic
@Fabulousafter40: Have you put Tandori Nan bread in some tin foil and warmed it up on the grill? Stuff it with some chicken and yogurt sauce!
@RickGriffin: make sure the critters are dead before placing them on the grill
F/B: Marsha-Jeff Mihalko ‎”drunkin chicken” — 1/2 can of beer shoved up whole chicken’s rear and cooked on grill —- delicious

Q3. Celebrity guest(s) you want at your picnic table? Why? #nuts
@lapearce:  Alton Brown, although I’d like him to be at the grill first
@TravelProducer: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge – cos they’re cool & I’m a Royal Watcher!
@realclubresorts: John Travolta- because I can totally picture him eating corn on the cob
@jbranigan:  Bevy of skinny models, because that will leave more for me
@robinwsmith:  Giada…she is hot and can help me grill
@TravelDesigned: Anthony Bourdain– he cracks me up!!
@mkshft: Gordon Ramsay as well. I’m sure he’d prepare quite the picnic
@LovelyLu: Derek Jeter and George Clooney- no explanation necessary

Q4. Ideal soundtrack to play at a summer BBQ? #nuts
@Flamingberry: Hmmm, #U2, #RedHotChiliPeppers and #PearlJam (my favs!)
@pink_valise: I’d go with Journey. Ideal for anything pretty much
@WriterChick47: This stuff: http://bit.ly/qZBZFV  Ain’t nothin’ better than the blues & BBQ. Oh yeah.
@santafetraveler: A little Texas music or Mississippi blues
@TravelDesigned: Burning down the house –talking heads
@la_loquita: sitting on the dock of the bay
@McMedia:  The Big Chill ,…. LOVE Motown
@ThitiaOfficial: Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water

Q5. Finish the apron saying: “Caution: Cook may….” #nuts
@MalloryOnTravel: Crash and burn
@Fabulousafter40: Caution: Cook may whip you with her dishtowel if you try to taste the food”
@1Dad1Kid:  grope you
@HennArtOnline: Cook may be #nuts
@SportsShuffle: .cause grill to explode. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger
@cdngrrleh:  “Caution: Cook may…. kiss better than she/he cooks.”
@VitraSin:  “Caution: Cook May Be Too Hot To Handle
@familyfoodie: .Caution: Cook may… Wine a Little
@TravelBlggr: . “I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in with the food.”
F/B: Rachel Greer  not be flame retardant”

Q6. What’s your favorite marinade? #nuts
@realclubresorts:  Orange juice and garlic
@TheTrvlPrincess  Italian salad dressing
@mkshft: : Liquid smoke rub
@allaboutmexico: Soy sauce, lemons & lots of garlic
@vegasbill  Dom Perignon http://t.co/k722nXs
@1Dad1Kid: For pork roll try mango nectar, too. Really is a great flavor with pork
@AllAboutPuebla:Beer, salt, garlic + worchestershire sauce (for beef)
@Vagabond3Live: I wrap the shrimp in bacon and drizzle with maple syrup!

Q7.  Favorite beverage to pair with BBQ? #nuts
@clareappleyard: : Always Coca-Cola
@thehotelguide: A. Ice cold Dos XX.
@WorkMomTravels: A mojito or a Summer Shandy.
@ChicksTavern: Ice cold BEER
@jkheaton:  A margarita of course (no salt), or nice cold beer! Where is@teamcocktail ?
@la_loquita: pink lemonade (no i’m not 12, and no i don’t drink either
@AFarrell09: Dirty Martini or an ice cold beer
@@ThitiaOfficial:  Red wine, strong bodied Italian or French

Q8. A cookout isn’t complete without…!
@Chimeratravel: lots of friends, family and loved oneswithout….#nuts
@TravelDesigned: without a trip to urgent care in ourfamily
@RickGriffin: . a complaint from the neighbors
@kymri: some surfboards, a guitar, and sand in the potato salad
@HostelsandTours: One comfy seat for napping
@bonnieschueler: Traditions!!
@emptynestersOTC: a game of horseshoes, kids running around catching lightning bugs, and at my house? Fireworks. My guys blow stuff up, lol
@VitraSin:  booze, the drunken uncle, and the weird friend of friend who comes along..

Q9. Most unusual food you ever grilled? #nuts
@1Dad1Kid: Guinea pig. Well, I helped grill it.
@jbranigan:  Kangaroo
@MalloryOnTravel  Fresh octopus caught off the coast in Corsica with some nice fresh bass too …… was simply delicious
@GeneralTours:  Freshly butchered roadkill moose calf. Yes, you read that correctly
@HennArtOnline: . Bull balls
@TravelMaestro:  Bananas stuffed with marshmellos and chocolate
@McMedia: : Eels
@ThitiaOfficial: Mangoes with white chocolate melted on top
@danceral: Apples stuffed with cinnamon goodness. Then served with ice cream
F/B:Rachel Greer  Siding… the grill was ‘a little too close’ to the side of the house!

Q10. If you created your own, original BBQ sauce what name would you give it? #nuts
@RickGriffin: . I’d call it “Menopause” because it would have HOT flashes
@Flamingberry:  I would call mine Grillin’ on a Prayer
@la_loquita:  slap your grandma good sauce
@DutchUmbrella: “Bottom’s Up” Cuz it’s so good you’ll wanna drink it. And of course, it’ll be made with beer!
@mmWine: mmHot.
@mygo2it: ‘Smother me
@SportsShuffle:  Spicy Supernova “It will blow up your tastebuds!”
@TravelMaestro:  My original sauce would be called Beverly’s Bitchin’ BBQ Baste!
@Xplore724: : Wanderlust sauce

After party

@MagellanPR: Thanks to you all for another very good therapy session that has restored my equilibrium again! 🙂 #NUTS # Goodtherapy
@DutchUmbrella: Thanks…that was fun! Until next weeks #NUTS!
@robinwsmith: Thanks to everyone for letting me realize that I am not as #nuts as I think I am…great time today
@GeneralTours: Great conversations with #NUTS friends! TY all!
@emptynestersOTC: Thanks for letting me chat with you guys!
@ThitiaOfficial: XOXOX Smiles & Hugs to @McMedia @RickGriffin @WriterChick47@Midliferoadtrip @MalloryOnTravel and all the Wonderful #NUTS

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