Q1. Who is your favorite television/movies dad
@ZipSetRachel: Dr. Huxtable, hands down.
@utravelwithus: “Pea… Tear… Grifin ah crap” Peter From Family Guy
@allaboutmexico: Steve Martin in Father of the Bride
@MagellanPR: Homer Simpson!
@_KimRandall: Danny Tanner of course..
@Roopunzel: Whilst not ‘technically’ a dad.. Uncle Buck
@MrTravelD: Can I say David Ducovny in Californication –but he isnt a good roll model
@MalloryOnTravel: Fred Flinstone
@ACarlton: Arthur Carlin from South of Nowhere
@fittravelgirl: Gomez from the Addams Family

Q2. Who is/was is your MENtor
@mygo2it: My high school history teacher! He used a lot of Life/history analogies that are making more sense today than it did back then
@PaulaG84:  My dad without a doubt is my biggest MENtor and Role Model
@KatrinaMauro:  My mom and dad made me awesome…Vivian Collins of@abc_carpet is my #antiquerug mentor though
@crozul: My WOMANtor was my grandma! She taught me so much
@travelerkate:  I would say my theatre teacher in high school gave me a lot of confidence. Not sure he was a mentor though

Q3. How do you see yourself spending your retireMENt
@_KimRandall:  Traveling the world perhaps
@Velcro108:  With hookers. Lots and lots of hookers
@teamcocktail:  Floating around the islands…in a t-shirt, shorts & flip flops…and with a drink in hand!
@MyIslandArtJeff: Wandering in aimless circles talking to the gulls. I’ve got a Caribbean soul
@Leavetheiguana: — there will be no retirement , the governMENt has cancelled it.
@Only398:  #Travel the #World! Hanging out at the #Beach or on a #Yacht!
McMedia:  Why wait … I do believe I am living it now thru the @midliferoadtrip .
@crozul: LOL I’ll probably be in detox.
@familyfoodie:  With lots of grandchildren teaching them how to cook and enjoy great food
@akonthego  I will be campground host at a National Park, working by day, telling stories by night at fireside chats

Q4. Best memory of YOUR father
@tucsoncallahan: Fishing for sure. And laughing. Good times
@roniweiss:  My dad is sometimes like a little kid. It’s fun seeing him really enjoying himself.
@_KimRandall: Any and every memory of the two of us talking and laughing is the best memory a daughter can have
@ACarlton:  Moments when he opens up about his family history. He hardly talks & those rare moments he does, I know to pay attention & listen.
@Only398: Sailing, fishing, catching crabs, and finding clams in the Gulf Coast when I was in elementary school!
@gmfriedrich: Sitting in front of him as he popped wheelies down the driveway on his motorcycle
@MyIslandArtJeff: While driving through the Rockies with Mom driving, to me “Wake up your brother, he’s never seen a wreck like this before..
@MagellanPR:  Racing over stony beach to sea, splashing around – swimming and laughing – eating ice-cream after, shivering in enormous towels
@budgettravelsac:  Easy – going to football games with my dad when I was 9 years old to watch the Univ of South Carolina Gamecocks play
@pink_valise:  When he talks about life in Siberia. I love hearing about my hometown
@McMedia: Summers spent on Fire Island. My dad was so handsome & his personality was magnetic. Everyone loved to be around him
@writerchick47:  He’d addressed his letters to me like this: “To my favorite daughter..” I was his ONLY daughter.
@kitwhelan: <– letting me drive his speedboat as a kid
@CovetedEscapes:  After he walked me down the aisle, right before he gave me away, he pulled me in close and said something really funny. We laughed

Q5. Best tip for dealing with MENopause
@raghavmodi:  Blogging… Vent it all out
@familyfoodie: Make lots of Mojitoes http://ow.ly/5hKTx
@MagellanPR:  – Ignore it completely – keep calm and carry on
@Only398:  I have no clue but taking a #Vacation sounds like a winner!
@RickGriffin:  Make sure your thermostat is in proper working order & that it can handle lots of stress
@eurapart: The MENOplay button on the remote.
@_KimRandall:  I can honestly say that I am so happy I have no answer to this question.
@AnjaniLadki .. taking ALONE time so others don’t have to deal w/ ur mood swings is a good start.
@LauraAllenTvl: Keep food and drinks at close reach!

Q6. Best investMENt you ever made?
@ACarlton:  My time
@Only398:  Best investment I ever made was in myself. Personal development! Self-education! I control my returns!
@la_loquita: i once bought ocean front property in Arizona..
@MagellanPR: Spending time with my lovely god-daughter Alex – an investment which has been repaid many times over
@lisajanPA:  My husband – he’s still paying dividends
@AnjaniLadki:  my travels are my BEST investMENts! The return on that is priceless!
@roniweiss: Investment? You want investment advice from a 27 year old who has never made more than 10k in a year
@McMedia:  The time spent on Twitter.. The gift that keeps on giving~ delivering new friends daily
@CovetedEscapes:  just bought 2004 Pontiac GTO–supercharged. Amazing! Love it! That engine sound is freaking beautiful
@Daynali_:  My education is the best investment I’ve ever made, hands down.

Q7. Nicest comMENt you ever received on Twitter
@beforeiam35:  wait…people say NICE things on twitter.
@raghavmodi:  Whenever my blog post has some sort of impact on a reader and they comment. Makes it all worth it.
@MagellanPR: from @tamieadaya – saying that I made her laugh and she was glad I joined Twitter
@RickGriffin: Someone once told me that I made them spew their drink out of their nose
@la_loquita: i’m now following you..
@Only398: I love the words “I appreciate you!” Remember this: Appreciate beats self promotion every single time!!!
@allaboutmexico: Everytime my tweets get retweeted is a compliment in itself.
@iheartbbq: “i wish i could bathe in your bbq sauce” I kid you not.
@AllLVTours: – I love when people get a laugh at the jokes I throw. It makes me smile when someone gets my brand of humor.
@Last_Round: “you are very wise…for an alcoholic”

Q8. Must have garMENt while traveling
@VitraSin:  a nice shawl that you can either dress up or dress down…or to wear as scarf, hoodie, etc…it’s versatile!!
@Xplore724:  Convertible travel pants / shor
@AnjaniLadki:  technically u can buy all essentials while on travel, but a scarf is a must bc its a multi purpose item
@beforeiam35: a hooded sweatshirt is the ultimate garment
@Leavetheiguana: Must have garMENt while traveling — my superhero cape and a cashmere sweater
@pink_valise: A light jacket. Though I am from Siberia, I get cold inside!
@McMedia: Spanx .. Never leave home unless I am spanxed within an inch of my life!
@EpsteinTravels: Pocket Square
@reneedobbs: Comfortable shoes
@MalloryOnTravel: Thongs ……. but not on me

Q9. Must have aMENities in a hotel
@clareappleyard: Kettle and teabags. Very English
@iheartbbq: Big ass bed please, hold the bed bugs
@gmfriedrich: Lobby bar!
@travelerkate: BREAKFAST. Free wifi is a plus too. But hey- I’m an eater. I need me my free food
@KelseyIvey: All at least somewhat clean preferably
@ZipSetRachel: Great service, great service, great service. Oh, and a nicely stocked mini bar.
@AllLVTours: Depends on the length of travel for the trip, but a decent TV, and a nice bathtub go a long way toward me being cheerful.                                                                                                                                           @Zaharoff The Palace Milan: Turkish Bath (incredible!)
@jkheaton: Love a really great tub for a luxurious bath!
@roniweiss: Free Wifi is def. cool. Fitness center
@VoyageJason: who stays in hotels? Ahh those rich travelers or I guess I’m just a broke traveler. Hah if it has a bed and sheets I’m pleased

Q10. Most serendipitous travel moMEN
@teamcocktail: Hold on…I need to get the dictionary
@Xplore724: Valladolid, Yucatan, MX 1997: Ran into a guy with whom I had travelled 5 years earlier! What are the chances? Simply #NUTS
@ACarlton: Ran into my high school history teacher in Paris. Walked by and he was sitting outside at a cafe
@beforeiam35: Sitting under cherry trees in Kyoto, watching Japanese families get together for hanami. So beautiful
@kitwhelan: Running in to an Aussie friend from an Egypt trip in Paris!
@AnjaniLadki: Solo. Blue Lagoon. Iceland. Had an epiphany: “I can do it”, whatever “it” may be
@iheartbbq: Getting to the top of kilamanjo / finally getting to shower after bonnaroo
@lapearce: paddling up to a black bear on a kayak in Kenai Fjords National Park
@Only398: I was traveling down the street today and found a check that I forgot to deposit from a few months ago!
@McMedia: Sailing in Marina Del Rey w/ @mamaritamary
@Leavetheiguana: missing a flight that ended up in a ditch at end of short runway in Virgin islands
@VitraSin: nyc subway, bumped into australia guy i had a “fake marriage in morocco with” at some teahouse 2 entertain crowd…very random

BONUS Question: If you could pay someone a compleMENt today, who would it be and why
@LuxuryTravelMom: To my husband, he is a great dad
@MyIslandArtJeff: ABONUS I’d say thanks for the #NUTS fun, cause it was
@utravelwithus: BONUS: i would pay each and everyone of you a complement because you are all awesome!
@RickGriffin: BONUS: I would compliment everyone who RTs me & helps improve my@Klout score
@MagellanPR: I would compliment @eric_lanlard as he makes the best cakes in the entire universe!
@clareappleyard: And a massive complement to all my fave #travel tweeters who brighten up our days
@akonthego: I think I’d tell all my twitter followers that they have inspired me to work hard at what I do. Amazing bunch of people!
@RickGriffin: RT @McMedia: Bonus: I would like to compliMENt & thank all of today’s#nuts participants 4 making me laugh,… & 4 ur friendship

After party
@PaulaG84: First time participating thanks all for the fun
@traveldesigned: Thanks to ALL the #NUTS I <3 u !
@EpsteinTravels: A weekly, fun, superfast convo – VERY FUNNY.
@traveldesigned: @nomadicmatt a fun crazy chat with a different theme every week
@SaraKateTravel: Thank you!! 🙂 It was super fun & interesting, as always!!

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