46 year-old, 22 year NFL Veteran kicker John Carney is returning to the New Orleans Saints, his third go-round with the reigning Super Bowl champions. Carney, the third leading scorer in NFL history has made 473 field goals in his career.  Passion, taking care of yourself and living life to the max are qualities all MidLifers should embrace. We’re living longer, healthier, more vibrant and productive lives. Experience is an asset, the MidLife ‘Golden Egg.’

Whether it’s tailgating or touchdowns it’s never to late to get in game.

This week marked the passing of an amazing MidLife athlete, George Blanda. George played professional football for 26 years, well into his forties, longer than any other person. In his Hall of Fame speech, he credited Oakland Raiders Al Davis who thought George, at age 39 still had some game left in him.

George leaves a legacy of career longevity, changing the odds and inspiration to Midlifers that it’s never to late. We should all be so lucky to have the encouragement and support of an Al Davis in our MidLives.

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