A must see on a visit to Kanas City is The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. While we’re baseball fans, you certainly don’t have to be to enjoy the museum. There’s a touch of nostalgia too, with amazing lifestyle exhibits like a full size barbershop complete with conversation of the day!

We were awe struck by the “Field of Legends” a mock baseball diamond with sound effects and 10 life sized bronze sculptures of Negro League players  including “Rube” Foster, “Satchel” Paige, Josh Gibson, “Buck” Leonard, “Pop” Lloyd, “Judy” Johnson, Ray Dandridge, “Cool Papa” Bell, Oscar Charleston, Leon Day, Martin Dihigo, and “Buck” O’Neil.

You will learn about the league history through film exhibits, music & sound effects,  text panels, photograph captions, and several hundred recreated photographs and manuscript pieces from African-American baseball.

The museum captures far more than baseball, documenting an important time in our countries history.  It’s self guided, educational and not to be missed!

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