As time for the Mongol Rally draws near, I’m getting really jazzed. I’m especially excited that the rally begins in the England. I grew up a huge Beatles fan and can’t wait for my first visit to the UK. I’m elated about the possibility of meeting a lovely meter maid named Rita while visiting Abbey Road, Strawberry Fields, and Liverpool.

The UK is but one of 14 countries that we will pass through on the Mongol Rally. That got me to thinking. What if each of these other countries have their own iconic music group, their own version of the Fab Four? What if there is a Beach Boys of Brussles? a Menudo of Moldova? a U2 of Uzbekistan? a Kanye of Kyrgyzstan? I could have been missing out on a lot of great music simply because of cultural ignorance.

My plea to you today is to take a look at our route map, note the countries we’ll be traveling through and let me know who the greatest musical artists are from each country. I want to know what to load my iPad with. (It’s OK that I ended my sentence with a preposition, I’m from the South).

Also, I’m not overly concerned that the songs are in English. Heck, I couldn’t understand the words of most of the heavy metal songs I listened to as a teenager. I just want to listen to great music native to each country we pass through as we pass through it. Thanks!!


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