MidLife Road Trip at the Royal Wedding

DISCLAIMER: We didn’t actually attend the Royal Wedding. But if we had, we like to imagine that it might have gone something like this.

Kate and William LOVED the Midlife Road Trip stickers that we gave them for a wedding gift and had them placed on the Royal Wedding Carriage 

A Very thankful Kate posing with the Midlife Road Trip Logo

Though a little past midlife, the Queen had her carriage pimped out with our logo as well

The Royal family made us feel welcome and gave us some pretty good seats for the wedding

A Royal faux pas, Sir Elton broke a moment of silence when he broke wind.  He didn’t think the ladies behind him heard it.

After the wedding, hung out on the balcony with the Royal Couple and some of our friends.

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  1. Lori Moreno says:

    And what a great time we had again! LOL Said with my little English accent of course. Time for tea? hehe!! XOX

  2. Jeanette says:

    What FUN! My great friends know how to party!

    I can’t wait to put MidLife Road Trip stickers on our wine country carriage.

  3. Susan Max says:

    I’ve got to definitely get one or two of those stickers for my camera gear ….great shots

  4. Apparently there were some holes in the royal security…..

  5. It was soooo much fun to hang with my royal peeps of road trips!! ;-D
    (These pics are absolutely hilarious!!!)

  6. Debra Cincioni says:

    Lori, Pass the tea and scones! : ) Rick your posting on FB was so funny! What a blast! Thank you for taking me along MidLife Road Trip Royal wedding event! LOL Hugs!