Iain Mallory a.k.a. Mallory on Travel ‘s  twitter bio says:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less; Traveller(√) Writer(√) Photographer(√) Wannabe Stormchaser(√) Caffeine addict(√) Adrenaline junkie(√) Good guy (erm)  ~We  have enjoyed our many exchanges with Iain on Twitter and thought we would ‘share’ him with you. He’s this weeks #Nuts Guest Therapist of the Week

MLRT: What’s on your bucket list?

I guess top of my bucket list should be to actually make a bucket list!

That does not mean I do not have places that I need to visit or things yet to be done. I have never been to South America, it is the only continent I have not visited, which is a little strange as it is the one that I have wanted to visit the longest. Since I was a child watching David Attenborough programmes in which killer whales were taking seals off the beaches of Patagonia it has always been a ‘must’ visit destination.

I will also one day soon visit Cuba and Alaska, run the bulls at Pamplona, dive with whale sharks, visit an active volcano and give BASE jumping a try (hopefully)!

In fact this is the precise reason I do not have a bucket list, I am a bit of a secret tree-hugger and there are so many things I still want to do that using up that much paper writing it down would have me feeling far too guilty.

MLRT:  Best Travel Tip

Travel with an open mind, keep your eyes open and remember to smile your way around the World as this will open many doors.

MLRT: Your favorite recipe?

Iain: Tough question; enjoy jambalaya, but I really enjoy gröstle which is a Tirolean dish, it is great when eating out if a little difficult to find but can easily be made at home.

Sauté some sliced and par-boiled new potatoes in a griddle pan, as they begin to brown add some bacon cut into small strips. Once these ingredients are almost cooked add some mushrooms and onion, at the same time fry one or two eggs place on top of the gristle. Finally season with rock salt and black pepper and serve in the pan.

Great with a good red wine and very versatile as you can play with the ingredients as much as you like, maybe adding sausages or black pudding.

Feeling hungry now!

MLRT: Best vacation you ever had?

Iain: The one in which I didn’t get in trouble.


To be truthful there are so many great trips this is almost impossible to answer; climbing expeditions to the Greater Ranges, skiing the Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt), diving all over just amazing!


If I had to opt for one single trip it would be snorkelling with orcas (killer whales) in a Norwegian Fjord, there really are not any words to describe the feeling as a killer whale swims towards you to check you out!


Come to think of it, didn’t get arrested on that trip always a bonus!

MLRT:  If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?

Iain: Well apart from any number of friends I have found on twitter and Halle Berry of course, Che Guevara would be awesome. Preferably while he was a young man, still experiencing life we could tour South America on a Harley Softail.

David Attenborough would also be awesome to travel with though not sure he would be up for touring on a Harley anymore. Billy Connolly would have me laughing all the way around the World. Oh sorry did you mean just one?

If neither of these can make it I’ll invite Doctor Emmett Brown and is DeLorean, what do you mean he is fictional?

MLRT:  Best use of social media for Travel

Iain: Finding out which are the best coffee shops that also have free wifi at your next destination of course! Actually it is great for sourcing information, the twitter travel community in particular is awesome, any question or concerns can just be posted and there is likely to be somebody able to provide some advice.

You can find Iain on Twitter at @malloryontravel or his website: http://www.malloryontravel.com


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