rick's dad and daughter

Rick’s dad (Ray) and daughter (Sherri)

We travel around the world. It seems like we’re always going somewhere or heading home. We are memory makers and our business is sharing them. Smartphones make it effortless.

Memories are powerful. They tug at your heart strings. We’re very visual. Capturing our memories in photographs and video is a way to hang on to those feelings of joy, a way to remember those no longer with us, and to keep us connected to our past, our roots in a profound and lasting way.

The older you get, the fuzzier memories become. We’ve seen it with our parents. They have relatively few photos of their youth and not a selfie in the bunch. We have more photos than they did, but not nearly as many as our kids and grandkids do. They use smartphones to chronicle every moment during a trip to the 7-11 for a Slurpee to a day at the beach. AND, at least a selfie a day (and that’s a modest number).

Madi and sandi

Sandi and her granddaughter Madi

Seizing these moments in time will be part of our legacies. It will be how future generations remember us. As we look at the black and white photos of our ancestors to piece together our heritage, so will our successors. And, it will be easier for them to complete the puzzle of their past. With thousands of photo and video apps we are more creative than ever. Our legacy will be in technicolor, full on HD with graphics and a soundtrack all produced on our smartphones. It is what keeps us connected today and it is what will bridge future generations with the past.

Staying connected is more than just a text or a phone call. It is the footprint we leave behind.

How do you capture your memories?








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