As we often do when we visit a city for the first time we explore the streets on foot to capture the city’s essence and photograph whatever catches our eye with our smartphones. As fans of food, art, sports and architecture we found lots to love in Louisville, Kentucky!

We were first struck with Louisville’s architecture. The contrast of the nineteenth century buildings with todays modern skyscrapers denotes a respect for Louisville’s storied history and a vision for its future. The vibe is that Louisville is a town with something for everyone. We particularly loved the ornate Palace Theatre, the Fourth Street Live development, and the five plus story tall baseball bat leaning against the Louisville Slugger factory.


Sculpture is prominent throughout Louisville and being home to the Kentucky Derby, it’s no surprise that there is ample homage to horses. A bit of surprise was the gold replica of the Statue of David, pictured below on the right. Not a surprise was Sandi’s photographing the statue from an artistic angle.


Food, music and bourbon are staples in Louisville. The Hot Brown sandwich from the historic Brown Hotel is truly a bucket list sandwich. Louisville is home to Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC). If you you stop by the downtown Louisville Visitor’s Center you can take a selfie with a wax replica of Colonel Sanders himself. For the quintessential Louisville experience we went to Jack Fry’s for a pork chop dinner and live jazz music. Since about 95% of the world’s bourbon is produced in Kentucky, it would be wrong not to sip a little while you’re there. We thoroughly enjoyed a little cask strength Maker’s Mark. 

Speaking of bourbon, the highlight of our Louisville trip was a visit to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse where we learned about the process of making bourbon and were able to sample some of the finest bourbons we’ve ever tasted. Check out the photos from our tour below.

What are your favorite things to do when exploring a city for the first time? 

Special thanks to Verizon for providing us with smartphones to navigate and photograph our way around Louisville.







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