The ‘Warm Up”

@KirkCole crap, I will be late to #NUTS due to a delayed lunch… #FAIL

@MalloryOnTravel Somebody jumped the gun lol so eager for #nuts

@latinAbroad WHOA! Almost forgot about #NUTS!! But I am hereeeee

Q1. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. What makes you laugh? #nuts

@CruiseBuzz A1. Twitter makes me laugh as well as quirky people that have something outrageous to share. #nuts

@ASzydlowska:  Reminiscing about school day pranks. How bored we once were! #nuts

@roniweiss A1. I love #SNL and #SouthPark. Like all comedy, they’re inconsistent, but I die laughing many a time. #nuts

@mygotoit A1 Animals sneezinng #nuts

@silvermaneman A1 Blazing Saddles, Fart Jokes, @BroomsRUs & @JesusWife #nuts @jkheaton

@HennArtOnline A1 Flatulence! #nuts

RT @TravelerKate A1 My cat chasing a laser pointer, when my mom tries to use computer lingo (I’m ‘doing the tweeter’) #NUTS

Q2. What’s your ‘feel good food’ #nuts

@Roopunzel A2: Def Fave – Baked potato, LOADS of melted cheese, tuna mayo & tons of ketchup #NUTS

@MagellanPR A2 That’s easy – Shepherd’s Pie with petit pois! #NUTS

@allaboutmexico A2 Feel good food: chocolate cake. Then I feel bad after eating it! #nuts

@JasonPromotesU A2 Good ole country cooking. #NUTS

@AuthenticCoast Beer is food, right?

@senyoritamyx A2: Sylvannas or Sans Rival Cake. Yummy! I also love Boneless Milk Fish from Dagupan City, Philippines #NUTS

Q3. Where do you go to relax? #nuts

@gtrot: A3: We love beaches, parks and rooftops!

@_kimrandall A3. Beach, pool… Anywhere in the sun with that Vodka from the previous question #nuts

@RickGriffin: A3. The Bathroom – Nobody bothers me when I’m in the bathroom #NUTS

@travelightly A3. Hiking Cinque Terre. Or going on a 40 mile bike ride. I relax when I’m active.

@CravenTravels: A3: The Apple store with someone else’s credit card…

Q4 . Favorite comedian. Why? #nuts

@MalloryOnTravel A5 Our Prime Minister why …… did you see his manifesto??? #nuts

@WillingFoot: A4. Ricky Gervais, he is such a smart comedian that si not scared to push the envelope. #NUTS

@katyabroad A4. Tim Minchin – he’s a brilliant pianist and never afraid to say exactly what he thinks, I love him! #NUTS

@CaptainandClark A4. Does @NatalieTran count as a comedian? We think she’s high-larious! #NUTS

@ViewOnTravel A4. Also, Mitch Hedberg. “I think foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabobs.” #NUTS

@ibeatcancrtwice Favorite comedian. Why? Bill Cosby, because he is clean and sees the ridiculousness of everyday life #nuts

Q5. Movie that makes you laugh every time you watch it #nuts

@L_e_a_h: Any of the Vacation moves make me laugh! RT @DTNEtiquette: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation #NUTS

@Runenfly agreed @thetrvlprincess @katyabroad I hate holiday movies but i could watch Elf every day #NUTS

@JackFerriter: A5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

@SpinAroundWorld A5: Wayne’s World is the best and funniest of all time! #nuts

@latinAbroad A5 The Hangover (part one). Idk why, as stupid as it is, I laugh harder each time #nuts

 Q6. Song that always puts you in a great mood #nuts

 @C_Pappas Anything from the 80s or sally trance #NUTS

 @allaboutmexico Any dance song

 @_NatStar: #nuts A6: Outkast, Hey Ya!

 @2Travelaholics A6 – I’m walkin’ on sunshine whoooooa ooooooh and don’t it feel good! #NUTS

 @tracycopy  Gold Digger by Kanye West, Bust A Move, by Young MC , And Pretty Fly by the Offspring #Nuts

 @Route195 Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes. #NUTS

 @claudiabia Girls just wanna have fun #nuts

@VegasBiLL. Fun song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. #NUTS

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Q7. How do you ‘stay in shape’ #nuts

@MVCTravel: : I use a kettle bell and Indianclubs to hurt myslef. #nuts

@ASzydlowska Swimming 2-3 time a week and a high protein, low-carb diet. #nuts

@BamaGretch: Walking up and down my street to drink with my neighbors.

@mmWine: Drinking wine and eating cheese. Round is a shape, right?

@AlyssaDion: Surfing as much as possible, cycling, yoga, SCHLEPPING (I’m with you @McMedia and @DTNEtiquette)

 Q8. Favorite conference to attend?

@ASzydlowska World Travel Market’s always fun for the freebies. #nuts

@katyabroad: A8. Ugh, the word ‘conference’ just puts me off , makes me think of rubbish coffee and people trying to show off. #NUTS

@loly_ru I love attending the Society for Neuroscience meeting because all my friends are there too! #nuts

 @LolaDiMarco: The #NUTS conference in which I’ll meet all of you!!

Q9. Pets are said to lower blood pressure. What lowers yours? #nuts

@hugointhecity: humans  #nuts

@thecitizeNY: <= chocolate.  dark.  and lots of it.  #nuts

@AlyssaDion  Yoga. If I can calm down long enough to remember it 😉 #nuts

@travel_version: A9. @Banff_Squirrel ‘s humor. #NUTS

@JackFerriter: A9. Laughing

@loly_ru: super cheesy but my boyfriend does! He always knows what to say and do to keep me calm. #nuts

@LucieD_inthesky:  Having a glass of wine while playing with my pups after work #NUTS

 Q10. Biggest adrenalin rush you ever had? #nuts

 @earthXplorer –paragliding! 🙂 #nuts

@LovelyLu: Q10 Getting on stage and singing in front of 3,000 people #nuts

@ViewOnTravel: A10. Definitely running with the bulls. But that was three years ago so I need another … #NUTS

@natruewells It usually involved #Speed! Up, Down, or all Around! #nuts

@claudiabia: A10. Hand gliding last week in Rio. That was #nuts

@ZagrebGuide:  no bungee jumps or roller coasters compare to visiting my dentist #nuts

@rtwdave  TIE: Robbed by a guy with a gun & 107-meter canyon swing in Queenstown @seemytravels: My recent surfing lesson, which was more like ‘watch out for sharp boards aiming for my head’ than wave riding. Was fun though #NUTS

@amydostafford:  First public speaking engagement! What a rush! #NUTS

@MauiBlen: Flying in small  float  plane Landing in small free flowing River, Alaska Really #NUTS

@CancunGringa: The Grizzly rollercoaster at King’s Dominion… I swear that rickety wooden thing’s about to crumble beneath me! #nuts

@PortholeCruise: One particular taxi ride to the airport in Jamaica. #NUTS

@la_loquita:  – gave birth TWICE with no drugs… at alllllllll #NUTS

@TheHardLifeBlog: Almost missed #nuts but can answer Q10: Escaped and ran away from three robbers on a beach in Dakar.

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After Party

@It’s the Plumber   @McMedia #Nuts also named funniest chat by plumbers on twitter. 😉

@Butterflydiary: It’s better than a late night talk show! #nuts




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