There are times when eating is just eating. Then there are other occasions when the pace is less rushed, the meal represents family time and ‘eating’ becomes dining. Those meals are the ones from which great conversation, wonderful connections and unforgettable camaraderie are born.  But on rarer instances, maybe once or twice a year for the average person, you get to partake of a meal you’ll remember for a very long time.
For those of you who have never treated yourself to Kruse & Muer, this may be an unfamiliar story.  But after experiencing the ecstasy that was lunch, it has easily made it to #1 on my list of favorites.
Upon arrival, you’ll notice the multi-level office building, towering close by, giving you expectations of patrons dressed impeccably in business suits and fine office garb. But once inside it’s warm, relaxed atmosphere, you’ll be surprised to see jeans and casual dress mingling with the business attire.  As deceiving as its looks may be, no one is out of place here.
A smiling young lady named Jamie arrived at the table within seconds of our seating, bringing with her a most inviting loaf  of poppy seed bread, still in bakery paper for us to enjoy as she got our drinks. The perfect crispness of the crust combined with the airy texture of the salty interior, make it almost melt in your mouth.

My daughter requested we try the Flash fried calamari as an appetizer because it was served with a lemon caper beurre blanc. Not normally a fan of calamari, I agreed to give it a try. To say it proved to be one of my favorite parts of the meal, would be an understatement. Having found calamari to be the consistency of rubber in the past, I was pleasantly surprised to discover such a succulent taste; so light and tender. I couldn’t stop eating it. The beurre blanc was heaven, as we found ourselves using the bread to soak up what remained long after the calamari was gone.

Next to arrive in front of me was a beautiful crouton & sour cream topped gazpacho, something I’d never sampled because the notion of ‘cold soup’ just didn’t appeal to me. My love of tomato and onions prevailed and I’ve never tasted anything so deserved of the word ‘refreshing’

My daughter was equally pleased with the creamy smooth texture of her Fire roasted tomato bisque. She was still scouring the bowl for every last drop, using adjectives like tangy and rich when Jamie arrived with our entrees.
Hers, the famous Seafood of the angels, consisted of lobster, shrimp, crab, asparagus, sweet corn and mushrooms over angel hair pasta and tossed in a decadent champagne cream sauce. One taste and I felt thecalories racing to my hips. This is a wonderful meal that should only be consumed when you’ll be refraining from eating for the remainder of the day. It’s excellent and very filling. I would’ve preferred it without the asparagus as I’m not particularly a fan of the overpowering taste but it does give it a unique texture.

My indulgence was the Lobster and Shrimp fettuccine ala creme. It’s an amazing blend of tomato basil fettuccine, topped with tender, tantalizing chunks of sweet lobster and delicate shrimp in a smoky saffron cream sauce, tossed with fresh, diced tomatoes. It is an absolute necessity that any seafood lover give this a try. No where else have I found a saffron sauce that I recommend with this much enthusiasm. Combined with seafood that tastes as if freshly caught and tender pasta and you have all the makings of that rare meal you’ll remember for many weeks, if not months to come.

Take my advice. Don’t wait that long. The next time you crave seafood or pasta or any other of the amazing dishes they offer, don’t settle for ordinary. Seafood is a higher end entree than most but if you’re going to spend the money, go somewhere that insures delight, not only for your wallet but your palette as well.  Kruse & Muer makes it crystal clear extra steps are taken to ensure your experience is memorable and enjoyable.

Vicky Akins is MildLife Road Trip’s “Director of Marketing” She has a multitude of talents: she is a fabulous cook, an accomplished baker, has a great sense of humor AND a is s passionate writer. When not in the kitchen , cracking us up or wheeling and dealing on behalf of the MidLife Road Trip you can find her on twitter @writerchick47

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