JD Andrews has  spent more than 20 years traveling around the globe ~ 76 countries across 6 continents, shooting and editing travel/tourism videos for various cruise lines, airlines, and tourist boards. In addition being the creator of  Going Social TV,  JD consistently ranks in the top 3 Online Travel Influencers in the world.

“These projects presented several amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the chance to see the amazing world we live in” JD Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, besides skiing he has  three loves: travel, video production and helping others.



“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” ~W. Churchill

Meet JD Andrews, in his own words

MLRT: What’s on your bucket list?
JD Andrews: Antarctica! This is my biggie!! And my last continent!

MLRT: Best Travel Tip
JD Andrews: Be flexible, don’t let changes ruin an adventure

MLRT: Your favorite recipe?
JD Andrews: My wife’s turkey Meat balls, it’s a secret (or so I’m told) plus it’s not easy using ‘meat and ‘balls’ in the same sentence 😉

MLRT: Best vacation you ever had?
JD Andrews: That’s like asking to pick someones favorite child, all are good (and bad) or so many reasons, top few: Bali, Machu Picchu and Antarctica (I’m sure it will be #1)

MLRT: If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?
JD Andrews: The nerd in me is saying Steve Jobs and the adventurer in me says Tenzing Norgay (Google him)

MLRT: Best use of social media for Travel
JD Andrews: It is the best tool for travel, wherever you are in the world, you can ask a question and get an instant response, I was looking for a good place to eat in Miraflores in Peru, tweeted it out and got three amazing restaurant recommendations. Had the best Ceviche I’ve ever had all thanks to Social media 🙂

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