The Naked Grapepinot grigio has slight flavors of citrus, pear and honey. At only $9 a bottle, it’s a great time to get naked! 🙂 

Pinot grigio is a great every day wine. One of the things I love about pinot grigio wines is that they tend to be light, and crisp and pair with almost anything. It may not be the absolute best choice for every meal, but for me it’s not a bad choice for any meal.

I like to drink by itself, with a meal or with a snack. In fact, pinot grigio is my favorite wine to pair with popcorn.

Alcohol Level:        12.9%
Suggested Retail Price:      $9

Disclosure: I’m not a sommelier or even a wine snob. I’m just a regular guy who loves wine. I frequently participate in food and wine chats on Twitter where I share what I like and I learn from others what they like. From time to time winemakers and marketers will send me a bottle of wine to review. If I like it, I’ll tweet about it and possibly even write a blog post about it. If I don’t, you’ll never see it mentioned. I am not paid to review wines. Wine is my only compensation.

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