Q1. It isn’t considered a holiday party without __________#NUTS
@foodieintl   Narrowly escaping a potential lawsuit?
@worldtravelsite  The random drunk guy that no one knows, who they are or who they came with!
@MyIslandArtJeff   Uncle Ned in a lampshade
@lakecondo Two drunks dirty dancing.
@Roopunzel:  Photocopies of various body parts
@Vagabond3Live holiday music is a must- I like when new artist put their spin on traditional music.
@MalloryOnTravel  Spending the next day trying to piece together what you did the previous night
@BoomerangHotels  In my family its “Redneck Mimosas” Champagne and SunKiss!

Q2. What is your favorite holiday party appetizer/beverage ? #NUTS
@kitwhelan:  Anything that combines chocolate & candy canes!
@LauraAllenTvl:  Anything hot and spiked….or egg nog
@Shrimp13 Right now? Appetizer: Cranberry Chevre; Beverage; Dogfish Head’s Barleywine. Again I say Yum!
@GreystoneEstate Fried Olives stuffed with cheese & champagne!
@PortholeCruise  I will revert to my previous answer (A1) … Candy Cane Martinis
@WindowSeatapp  Fav appetizer=Goat Cheese covered in Fig Jam w/ crackers. Fav drink=Kir Royal (Champagne & Chambord)
@TauckAgent  Appetizer, my hunkly new neighbor / drink anything with liquor on ice
@foodieintl  Champagne and Sterling Caviar. Then a cheese log. Seriously!!

Q3. What is the most memorable White Elephant gift you’ve ever given/received? #NUTS
@la_loquita  someone actually gave me a white elephant once
@RickGriffin  Once received a pair of size 72 panties – blue and white stripes
@LolaDiMarco. Something pervy! Re-gifted the next year!
@McMedia Once got a re-gift that had the original gift card addressed to the other person LOL!
@TauckAgent .statue with a clock where the … ought to be
@CaptainandClark A bag of almonds and men’s boxer shorts. Size XXL. whaaat?
@worldtravelsite  A hot wheels race track, which I proceed to spend the next few hours setting up and playing with … don’t be jealous!
@GingerTT  A christmas wreath with shotgun shells and Union Jack ribbon

Q4. Worst office party faux pas #NUTS
@CoupleofSports. Photocopying your ass.
@HIEHamilton  worst faux pas – congratulated someone on pregnancy-but she wasn’t, was result of car crash!!!!
@VisitSeminole   Chasing Santa around the office to sit in his lap
@tracycopy  Teetering drunkenly on a table while trying to perform a strip tease to “Don’t You Want Me?” True Story
@LandingStanding  Getting drunk and being “That Guy” at the party
@McMedia: I’d say this guy~>http://t.co/q4zA9M8C
@ilivetotravel  Someone who worked for me upon entering the taxi, emptied his stomach in it
@belizepost  my drunk co-worker broke the a/c unit because he wanted to cool a beer. LOL

Q5. Where is the best place to have a holiday party?#NUTS
@BoomerangHotels  I worked for a Minor League baseball team and we had ours out on the field! Very cool!
@themorningfresh  On top of a mountain, naturally! Preferably in the snow, with a hot tub.
@Room_77 Having ours tonight at a restaurant/sports bar: good food & relaxed atmosphere
@WindowSeatapp  My cinnamon scented, obnoxiously lit and decorated place! Partee time!
@Quipidity  Banff is beautiful for a holiday party!
@StKittsTourism  At the top of Brimstone Hill at night in tropically warm St. Kitts… w/ fireworks in the background. Magical~ 🙂
@alexandraeh:: In a wonderfully warm tropical location! If not there, then Disneyland will do
@gracenote: Any place with an open bar. And I’d love gluhwein right now.

Q6. What do you eat/drink at a holiday party that you wouldn’t eat/drink anywhere else? #NUTS
@Roopunzel I dont do minced pies or mulled wine (or doughnuts – hannukah parties) any other time of year!
@ZipSetRachel  Christmas Cookies.. shhh.
@JeanetteJoy A Eggnog, fruit cake, plum pudding and hard sauce
@LikeList  Peppermint Bark. does anyone but Trader Joe’s have a good one, btw?
@jkheaton . Eat – too many treats, drink special is Sheridians from Dublin!
@latinAbroad   Eggnog with Bourbon – one of the best Americanization moments of my life. Introduced to me by my naughty Jewish roommate
@Libithina  those tiny canapes #nuts tasty mouthfuls
@gracenote. Brie en croute with berry preserves on top

Q7.  Best holiday party game? Best party music/dance tunes?#NUTS
@RickGriffin . Best holiday game is “Hide the Pickle”http://t.co/P2mdMgTC
@TravelApprentce  Trivial Pursuit
@GQtrippin  This year has to be Dance Central with Kinect. Insanity will ensue.
@alexandraeh   Game>>Twister. I’ve never done it at party but I think it would be fun. Song>>Colbert’s Another Christmas Song
@McMedia  I love @bravoandy ‘s game. Whenever someone says the ‘secret’ word you have to take a guzzlet of your cocktail
@schnoerrchen I confess: All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey
@ParadiseDeals  Human telephone. I swear most of the people here cannot hear. lol
@LandingStanding  Settlers of Catan and Wits & Wagers! For music, anything Buble!

Q8. Most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced/witnessed at a holiday party #NUTS
@thetravelfool  I was the drunk guy dancing with the vacuum cleaner
@RickGriffin  Most embarrassing moment – having to ask the hostess if she had a plunger
@lickflickca Co worker puking on the pool table.
@GeneralTours   My father thinking he could sing, and then trying to serenade us with “Alice’s Restaurant”… so not good..
@tracycopy  When Crazy Aunt Betty (yes, that is what we called her) had too much to drink & passed out into the tree.
@akonthego When my then 3 y/o son sneezed all over the appetizer tray. We left shortly therafter.
@LikeList  drunk make-out session betw spouses of OTHERS!! ooooopsie daisy!
@thecitizeNY  Found a friend drunk in the manger set up at the Catholic HS he attended. Awkward.

Q9. Best advice for someone attending a party with you for the first time #NUTS
@KirkCole Take my phone away, and be prepared to sing Christmas carols!
@PortholeCruise: Uuummmm…Keep me away from the bean dip?
@ZipSetRachel:. I’ve got the moves like Jager (not really, but I try)
@worldtravelsite: when I start saying how much I love you repeatedly, make sure you cut me off then!
@LCHadfield “Don’t expect me to stick by your side the whole time.”
@ehalvey: I don’t remember names at all, and I know when to stop when my nose goes numb.
@MrsKateG: Don’t 4Get Ur Camera
@GeneralTours – We will never, ever speak of this again

Q10. Best/Worst holiday party you’ve ever attended #NUTS
@la_loquita  this might be one of the best, aside from the one we lit the football on fire and kicked a field goal.
@TravelProducer  Holiday Party for “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” staff at the Copacabana in NYC
@ilivetotravel  In the conference room of a client’s office.
@RachelChaikof . I think my life is not so interesting because I can’t think of the worst/ best holiday party I have attended.
@katyabroad. Best were the ones during my student days in Sheffield
@jbranigan   Ex-husband’s bosses party, a lot of stuffed shirts with no sense of humor. .. boring/long night
@MalloryOnTravel  Milleniuum New Year in Aviemore, party lasted about a week #nuts The best, but also felt like the worst somedays
@allaboutmexico  Went to a party that didn’t serve any food , that’s just #nuts!

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