I have always considered road trips to be the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. The long awaited arrival of my Can-Am Spyder (my midlife crisis-mobile), marked the day that my road-tripping would take on a whole new dimension!

I haven’t been this excited about my personal mobility since I was 10 years old and got a brand new 10 speed Schwinn bicycle for Christmas. I remember it raining for three consecutive days that Christmas. It was pure torture not being able to take my bicycle out on the road. My parents wouldn’t let me ride it in the house, but they did let me rearrange the junk in our basement to create an ever-so-small riding path.


The arrival of my Spyder was similarly tortuous as it arrived three days before the tag and registration so I couldn’t legally ride it on the street. To make matters worse, the weather was perfect. I desperately wanted, – no, NEEDED, to experience the Spyder so I strapped on my helmet and began circling around my front and back yards. After a while, I could see where I was wearing tracks in the lawn.

I live in a lake community that has a lot of cul-de-sacs and very little traffic. So for the sake of my lawn I began riding around the neighborhood to get familiar with the Spyder. Sure, it may have been a minor act of civil disobedience, but I figured the tag was in the mail and people going through a midlife crisis have certainly engaged in far more deviant behavior. Besides, I needed to get off the lawn and out of 2nd gear and get a feel for how the Spyder really handled.

The learning curve for the Spyder was incredibly short. It was easier than riding a bicycle. Three wheels provided for balance and stability. The 6 speed semi-automatic transmission was idiot-proof – simply shift up with the left thumb (no clutching necessary). Downshifting occurs automatically when you let off of the throttle or apply the brake pedal to engage the Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS). Power steering makes turning a breeze and perhaps my favorite feature is that it has a reverse!  After just a few laps around the neighborhood, the Spyder and I had officially bonded.

Unfortunately my wife returned from work while I was bonding with my Spyder and admonished me for riding without a tag. So for the next two days I was restricted to riding only on my street.

When the tag and paperwork finally arrived, I transformed into super errand boy. I anxiously took the Spyder everywhere I could think of. I need lemon for my tea – so off to the grocery store I went. Better to deliver my utility payments in person than trust the United States Postal Service to get them there on time. The magenta ink in my printer is getting low, better go to Office Depot and pick some up. I might need an extra battery for my GoPro – off to Best Buy. The cat litter needs changing – off to Petsmart. Heck, I’ll even suffer the indignity of purchasing feminine products for my wife and daughters as long as I can take the Spyder. The Spyder makes “getting there” fun.

Parking lot  IMG_20140611_165507297

One of the unexpected benefits of driving the Spyder on all of these errands is that it’s always easy to find in the parking lot. That’s huge plus for a forgetful mid-lifer. I also love being able to store my helmet inside the Spyder while I’m in the store.

Road Trip Tip: Strap your helmet on before you put your gloves on and take your gloves off before you unstrap your helmet. I learned this the hard way.:)

I have several day trips from Atlanta planned over the next several weeks. Though Can-Am already provided me with an awesome modular helmet that has an integrated retractable sun visor, I’ve been eyeing some of the Can-Am Roadster Gear so I’ll be safe and look good on the road! For more information, visit your local dealer and test drive a Can Am Spyder!

Which road trips would you like to take on a Can-Am Spyder?


Disclosure:  Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), is providing me with a Can-Am Spyder, accessories and compensation to take several road trips and write about my experiences. My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Can-Am Spyder and its affiliates.


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