uncomfortable air travelGuess What? #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ Just Kidding, #WeMadeThatUp

It is however, an hour of laugh out loud fun on Twitter. 1 question, every 6 minutes focusing on Food, Travel and Adventure for a total of 10 questionsbetween 3:30 pm  and 4:30 pm est. Better than a soap opera, less irritating than The View, the #NUTS Twitter chat guarantees to put you in a good mood! Today we’re “Airing It All Out” as we explore the ups and downs of air travel. Hope you can join us, we have even created a Tweet Grid making it even easier to follow along!

The numbers don’t lie.

#NUTS averages approximately 11 million impressions per session. 
Our current record is over 23 Million impressions, reaching an audience of over 1.2 Million!


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