The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove just off the Pacific Coast Highway in the Historic District of the Crystal Cove State Park is a throwback to yesteryear. Smack dab on the beach, sand in your shoes,  the open air patio features breathtaking sunsets and fabulous food. The food is fantastic and you won’t find a better view of the Pacific Ocean,  Newport Coastline and Catalina Island anywhere!!  They shared with us their French Feta Appetizer recipe. We loved it and think you will too!!

French Feta Appetizer

Yield – 1 1/2lbs or 4 – 8oz servings

1lb – Valbreso Feta Cheese or French style feta cheese
1/2lb – Cream Cheese or Mascarpone cheese

1lb Roasted tomatoes
2 – baguettes – sliced ¼” and toasted

Remove cheese from refrigerator and let sit until room temp.
In a table mixer with a paddle attachment, cream both cheeses together until incorporated.
Place in plastic container, cover and put back in refrigerator until use.

In an oven proof 8-10oz dish (i.e. rarebit dish or crème brulèe oval dish) spoon in 6-8oz of cheese mixture.
In the oven, move a shelf to the highest point and set oven to broil.
After oven is pre-heated, place dish on a sheet pan, in the oven, under broiler and broil until cheese starts to bubble and brown slightly.
Carefully remove dish from oven and place on 12” round plate or dinner plate.
Top with roasted tomatoes and serve with small toast points or crackers.

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